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  1. When I was completely insane as a vampire in a mod at night being chased by spiders and the shadow demon things.
  2. Me, i, I have ony been playing for about 2-3 months but...THIS GAME SHOULD GET INCREASINLY HARDER AND REWARDING! I would like to see less monsters for first 10 day's but then days 10-20 stuff like hounds come once every 2 to 3 days and that just goes to every 5 days with more mobs days 20-50. more weapons like a throwing knife or maybe a musket for an extremely powerful weapon that requires you to make ammunition like 3 musket balls:1 reeds 3 rocks, and tentacle skin. and monsters, how about more naughty and nice things like 100 naughtyness the devilin come. They look like red sack guy but are a instant kill and will destroy all stuctures of yours and if you attack him you get dealt 99 damage and it summons a pack of hounds but the devilin dies... SORRY FOR THIS POST IT'S MAH FIRST:kiwi: