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  1. I'm liking the idea of a dust bowl. Maybe it could work as a weaker tornado? As in it would pick up and throw items on the ground and throw them, but structures would be safe? That could provide a different disaster similar to the original tornado idea, before we buffed it up.
  2. That's a good point, tsunamis would be more interesting than just plain old floods. And walls aren't too useful at the time, though I don't really feel like stone walls could hold back a tsunami...Yeah, that's what I was thinking, that it would submerge the effected land, turning it into more ocean water.
  3. Wyvern- This is a very good point. I had originally created this idea to provide a serious threat that was very hard to move around, and I suppose I strayed from that point. These sort of things can't be easily stopped in real life, and they shouldn't be in game.RedDeBlu- That's another natural disaster right there, however. Floods and Tsunamis are different, and could possibly be two different events in game? Maybe rain could be added in, and after really heavy storms is when there was a possibility of flooding. A weather device also sounds interesting, and could add on the rain idea too.As to everyone else, thank you for your contribution and opinions! And I'll be adding new ideas to the main post!
  4. Really loving these ideas guys, thanks! Chests should definitely protect your items from tornadoes, that way you aren't completely screwed over if one rolls around and happens to hit your home. I like the idea of earthquakes effecting mobs as well, it would make sense! I do agree, volcanoes would need their own biome. Maybe I could make a separate post just on a volcanic biome?Once again, thanks to all of you for the support! I'll be adding these ideas to the main post.
  5. Yes, that was rather rude.RedDeBlu, thank you! It was just sort of an on the spot idea, and definitely needs a lot of work. If you do have any ideas as to how I could make it better, that would be amazing, though if not, it's fine!
  6. Would someone please mind at least giving me their opinion on this? Just a 'sounds cool', or even 'I don't really like this' would be great...
  7. I've been thinking about the elements of Nature in Don't Starve a lot recently. The game has covered a good amount of it, even insanity and now seasons! But one thing I've noticed that has yet to be added in are natural disasters. Volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, floods, etc. These of course would be very rare, and would most likely occour later on in the game. I feel like this would provide a new challenge of having to pack up and move to a new location when your old home was completely flooded, or the earth beneath it split in two. Now, for a bit more detail on each event. Earthquakes Effect:Will effect wildlife possibly, cause Beefalo stampedes, etc. Time/Place: Prevented By: Tornadoes Effect: Tornadoes move rapidly and randomly around the map, picking up any items that are within a small distance of them and are lying on the ground. Some of the items will be destroyed, and those that aren't will be flung around to random places. They are also capable of destroying structures that they come into contact with. Time/Place: These would occur only after a set amount of days, and wouldn't last too long. More common in fields maybe? Tsunamis Effect: Time/Place: Floods Effect: Literally floods the area it effects, turning it into more water. Time/Place: Near bodies of water. Prevented by: Keeping your house away from water, tall reinforced stone walls possibly? Volcanic Eruptions Effect: Would completely incinerate all plant based items. Wood, grass, bushes, everything. Time/Place: Depends on the state of the volcano, though not too frequently. Occurs in volcanic regions. Prevented by: Keeping your house away from volcanoes. Volcanic Region: Structures: Mobs: Plants: Items: