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  1. Things seem to be moving a tad fast. Might I suggest you offer the ability to dial back to previous sandbox settings, that way more people can enjoy the game?The reason being that I was in a sandbox save and suddenly most everything I'd planned became an untenable situation. As such, replayability has taken a big hit as far as I'm concerned.I've not even seen all the content from the first update and it's looking like I'm not going to see much more given that survivability is becoming something of a moot point.I was actually enjoying myself previously: in one game, on day 118 when I got jumped by a pack of at least 10 hounds/fire hounds I didn't mind dying at that time. Future game play looks to be frustrating at best. :chargrined:Anyway, that's my take on the present incarnation. At present I'm staring down the barrel of 4 spider queens and double digits and more of attendant spiders... :disgust:Maybe a little more flexibility in the world set up might be something worth looking into?Mr. Tattoohead