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  1. kaysik


    Sadly I can only make animals that eat food into pets. Treeguards, Deerclops and so on don't eat, so cannot be tamed. There isn't any way to feed/trade with those creatures so you have no way of making friends with them. I don't want to make an item that just tames animals on command, because that's essentially just slavery. I also don't want to make any new items because I can't draw haha. As much as I'd love a treeguard pet, until the DS developers draw a Treeguard eating animation, and add the logic for it to eat logs off the ground I can't add it. Sorry.
  2. kaysik


    I don't know why - you'll have to tell me! What's the error? What are you doing when it happens? What version of the game are you running and what version of the mod? Seems to be working for the thousands of people using it on steam at the moment, and it works great for me.
  3. kaysik


    Uploaded a new RoG compatible version. If you still have any issues with this version please post your error message.
  4. kaysik


    The mod version on here does not work with RoG, however the steam workshop version works with RoG.
  5. kaysik


    The very first item on my "Future Plans" list is "Add ability to tame more animals"
  6. kaysik


    What doesn't work? Can you post the error?
  7. kaysik


    Ah thanks - just uploaded a new version that fixes the broken text.
  8. kaysik


    The link doesn't work? It links to this page for me? That text is just a cut+paste of the Readme.txt which links to this page. There isn't any forum thread as such, just this page.
  9. kaysik


    Version 0.7.1


    Please download this via steam (from http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=222076729) if you can. That way it will automatically update when I fix bugs and add new pets. If you get it from here you'll need to manually re-check this page yourself. _____ _ | __ \ | | | |__) |__| |_ ___ | ___/ _ \ __/ __| | | | __/ |_\__ \ |_| \___|\__|___/ v0.7.1 [ALPHA] --==>> Pets Readme --==>> SteamWorkshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=222076729 --==>> Download Page: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/457-pets/ ==Now works with both both vanilla DS and RoG DLC!== Finding the harsh world of Don't Starve a little lonely? Want a companion to share in the highs and lows of your journey? I did - so I added pets. Figured a few other people might be interested so here it is, uploaded for anyone to enjoy. Be warned though, your pets will need looking after. Still it's worth the effort to have a companion join you on your journey. == HOW TO TAME: - Feed a tameable wild animal 4 serves of a food they like and they'll be tamed. To feed an animal just place the food on the ground and let them eat it. == Tameable animals: ···> Rabbit (winter & summer - once tamed your pet rabbit won't change colour with season) ···> Spider (only the regular spider currently, might add warrior/cave variants later) ···> Bat ···> Pengull ···> Hounds (regular, fire, ice) ···> Gobbler ···> Slurtle ···> Snurtle == Fine details: - Pets have both health and hunger, you will need to feed and heal them to keep them alive - Mouse over them to get their hunger/health status - Once tamed, pets no longer eat food off the ground, you have to feed them yourself (they're well trained) - You can pickup your pet and carry it round in your bags (helpful to keep them from being killed in fights) - When you feed your hungry pets you'll gain 5 sanity - Every time your pet is attacked you'll lose 1 sanity - If your pet dies you'll lose sanity. The older your pet the more sanity lost (20 for new pets, 100 after ~25 days) - If you kill a wild animal of the same type as your pet you will lose 5 sanity - Some (but not all) pets will help you fight like hired pigs do - Tamed animals are smaller than their wild counterparts == Future plans: - Add ability to tame more animals - Add tougher taming requirements for certain pets - Increase the required food to keep bigger pets happy - Add pet specific behaviours (find food/treasure, help chop trees or mine) - Add rare spawn pet specific creatures like cats, for the ultimate in furry pet goodness
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73701 Issue title Crash on startup after update Steps to reproduce -> Started steam -> Don't starve updated -> Launched game after update complete Describe your issue I'm getting a LUA crash on startup because inventoryslot.lua appears corrupt (I've seen some lua code in the past and it looks like I'm missing parts of the file). I did both a forum and google search for the error with no hits so I'm posting it here. I can't attach files but I've cut+pasted the contents of the files in question just in case its helpful. /common/dont_starve/bin/log.txt Starting upDon't Starve: 73701Build Date: 2013-02-26_14-20-07THREAD - started 'GAClient' (4264)HttpClient::ClientThread::Main()cGame::InitializeOnMainThreadWindowManager::InitializeWM_SIZERestoreWindowPosition Saved Client Pos (470 x 330) Adjusted Window Pos (466 x 307)EnsureWindowOnScreen All good.GLInfo~~~~~~GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE = 8192GL_MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS = 16GL_MAX_RENDERBUFFER_SIZE = 8192GL_MAX_VIEWPORT_DIMS = 8192, 8192GL_MAX_VARYING_VECTORS = 10GL_MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS = 16GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_VECTORS = 254GL_MAX_VERTEX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS = 4GL_MAX_FRAGMENT_UNIFORM_VECTORS = 221cDontStarveGame::DoGameSpecificInitialize()cGame::StartPlayingLOADING LUADoLuaFile data/scripts/main.luaDoLuaFile loading buffer data/scripts/main.luadata/scripts/main.lua(130,1) running main.luaLOADING LUA SUCCESSerror loading module 'widgets/inventoryslot' from file 'data\scripts\widgets/inventoryslot.lua': data\scripts\widgets/inventoryslot.lua:1: unexpected symbol near '<'LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C] ? =[C] in function 'require' C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/widgets/inventorybar.lua(2,1) in main chunk =[C] in function 'require' C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/screens/playerhud.lua(8,1) in main chunk =[C] in function 'require' C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/screens/mainscreen.lua(11,1) in main chunk =[C] in function 'require' C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua(3,1) in main chunk =[C] in function 'require' data/scripts/main.lua(644,1)C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/frontend.lua(229,1) SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screenReset() returning/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/widgets/inventoryslot.lua nFileVersion="" FileDescription="Steam Client API (buildbot_winslave01_steam_rel_client_win32@winslave01) (buildbot_winslave01_steam_rel_client_win32@winslave01)" LinkerVersion="8.0" LinkDate="07/25/2011 17:23:05" BinaryType="UNKNOWN" Created="12/29/2012 10:56:58" Modified="04/09/2012 22:08:02" LongPathHash="00007722a8dfc0aca8878bdb06c0c36f56452756236b" UniqueId="0x15c1"/> <File Name="Uninstaller.exe" Id="0000e1da02d273326e5ff103dc759fcd801ef51b7d12" CompanyName="Sony Online Entertainment" ProductVersion="" VerLanguage="1033" ShortName="UNINST~1.EXE" SwitchBackContext="0x0100000006010500" FileVersion="" Size="0x4cda0" SizeOfImage="0x51000" PeHeaderHash="0101ba052d206c3362c80a7bf79e5fad299718fc27c2" PeChecksum="0x4d842" BinProductVersion="" BinFileVersion="" LinkerVersion="9.0" LinkDate="01/07/2012 03:37:19" BinaryType="32BIT" Created="12/29/2012 09:12:02" Modified="02/13/2012 20:41:35" LongPathHash="0000ddf7541ad0b4da9e6c91be4189dc7bb63e109004" UniqueId="0x15c2"/> <File Name="vivoxoal.dll" Id="000075c7a34820d8f478cc239803949a4e689efb1556" ProductName="OpenAL" CompanyName="Vivox" ProductVersion="4.5.0009.17865" VerLanguage="1033" SwitchBackContext="0x0100000000000501" FileVersion="4.5.0009.17865" Size="0x4be38" SizeOfImage="0x5c000" PeHeaderHash="01018d50717bba113a917b0b6d5352f6ab41e6b50e97" PeChecksum="0x57208" BinProductVersion="" BinFileVersion="" FileDescription="OpenAL" LinkerVersion="10.0" LinkDate="09/20/2012 11:07:46" BinaryType="UNKNOWN" Created="12/29/2012 09:12:02" Modified="09/20/2012 14:58:48" LongPathHash="0000844bef969a45282b8664ba286bd0131a418ec169" UniqueId="0x15c3"/> <File Name="vivoxplatform.dll" Id="00007d2c8fc732eeb3fedb2445d4e882a230bdfdde34" ProductName="VxPlatform" CompanyName="Vivox" ProductVersion="4.5.0009.17865" VerLanguage="1033" ShortName="VIVOXP~1.DLL" SwitchBackContext="0x0100000000000501" FileVersion="4.5.0009.17865" Size="0x16b838" SizeOfImage="0x172000" PeHeaderHash="01015d6016555f58d9d6c2ca040e22048d3dad7c4a2a" PeChecksum="0x16c82f" BinProductVersion="" BinFileVersion="" FileDescription="Vivox Platform" LinkerVersion="10.0" LinkDate="09/20/2012 11:30:08" BinaryType="UNKNOWN" Created="02/17/2013 06:43:43" Modified="09/20/2012 14:58:48" LongPathHash="0000c5b2b6abd33a3cd2cfb7b2f868a653829e093d02" UniqueId="0x15c4"/> <File Name="vivoxsdk.dll" Id="0000d69dec91eef073e0b5f8364ce419dd25762e17dd" ProductName="Vivox SDK 4.5" CompanyName="Vivox Inc." ProductVersion="4.5.0009.17865" VerLanguage="1033" SwitchBackContext="0x0100000000000501" FileVersion="4.5.0009.17865" Size="0x6a4038" SizeOfImage="0x71c000" PeHeaderHash="0101df422a0e7d9bbee556356d25039666d6d8312907" PeChecksum="0x6a4cd3" BinProductVersion="" BinFileVersion="" FileDescription="Vivox Communications API" LinkerVersion="10.0" LinkDate="09/20/2012 11:28:49" BinaryType="UNKNOWN" Created="12/29/2012 09:12:02" Modified="09/20/2012 14:58:48" LongPathHash="00005b84c95c2dd8feb70a2816c18b037a0f781c7314" UniqueId="0x15c5"/> <File Name="vld.dll" Id="00003fa9f49d876ed8a8bd1f660cce3b3417d481b97c" ProductName="Visual Leak Detector" ProductVersion="" VerLanguage="1033" SwitchBackContext="0x0100000000000400" FileVersion="" Size="0x11000" SizeOfImage="0x11000" PeHeaderHash="01017478412276efdbb95a95c5b2ac5432be14ff3929" PeChecksum="0x14918" BinProductVersion="" BinFileVersion="" FileDescription="Visual Leak Detector DLL" LinkerVersion="8.0" LinkDate="02/26/2010 18:16:10" BinaryType="UNKNOWN" Created="12/29/2012 10:57:06" Modified="04/12/2010 23:17:28" LongPathHash="0000460b2e7444358f2addd665a6e74eb2ebd1a8bfbd" UniqueId="0x15c6"/> <File Name="wws_crashreport_uploader.exe" Id="0000bbe2b806e3dc4fca4501cbfec04bdeccf7e22bfb" ShortName="WWS_CR~1.EXE" SwitchBackContext="0x0100000000000400" Size="0x47000" SizeOfImage="0x49000" PeHeaderHash="0101da4eed4d9364984c63f924600be665d75ac78851" PeChecksum="0x4dd2c" LinkerVersion="8.0" LinkDate="06/05/2012 17:24:08" BinaryType="32BIT" Created="12/29/2012 09:12:02" Modified="06/05/2012 17:24:09" LongPathHash="0000060b4ab88c4339f41d19b6d53d8363051114958f" UniqueId="0x15c7"/> <File Name="Awesomium.dll" Id="000062b5baf0c6958759869a31a85b549e3c1ad0e55c" ProductName="Awesomium v1.6.3" CompanyName="Khrona LLC" ProductVersion="" VerLanguage="1033" ShortName="AWESOM~1.DLL" SwitchBackContext="0x0100000000000500" FileVersion="" Size="0x1483800" SizeOfImage="0x153b000" PeHeaderHash="01012d5ac219a4a51a5ff8eaad77676f359a1a8b657f" PeChecksum="0x148f1de" BinProductVersion="" BinFileVersion="" FileDescription="Awesomium v1.6.3" LinkerVersion="9.0" LinkDate="12/10/2011 02:37:22" BinaryType="UNKNOWN" Created="12/29/2012 09:11:59" Modified="01/04/2012 23:02:31" LongPathHash="0000b9a5e5de172f6821e0c71429934f1c0b0aa78015" UniqueId="0x15cd"/> <File Name="AwesomiumProcess.exe" Id="00005c0459e745680b927e4c4b0499062f30717fbaba" ProductName="Awesomium v1.6.3" CompanyName="Khrona LLC" ProductVersion="" VerLanguage="1033" ShortName="AWESOM~1.EXE" SwitchBackContext="0x0100000000000500" FileVersion="" Size="0x6ef68" SizeOfImage="0x73000" PeHeaderHash="010185601f657b07550dbf65a76cbb99f727be22533f" PeChecksum="0x7d301" BinProductVersion="" BinFileVersion="" FileDescription="Awesomium v1.6.3" LinkerVersion="9.0" LinkDate="12/05/2011 23:59:43" BinaryType="32BIT" Created="12/29/2012 09:11:59" Modified="02/01/2013 22:04:53" LongPathHash="0000c8eb1b6d55067f38ba9f028275dff49fdd67e691" UniqueId="0x15ce"/> <File Name="icudt42.dll" Id="0000d412594b37a15e3b925855f281bcca4821320fe5" ProductName="International Components for Unicode" CompanyName="IBM Corporation and others" ProductVersion="" VerLanguage="0" SwitchBackContext="0x0100000000000500" FileVersion="" Size="0xa6f400" SizeOfImage="0xa71000" PeHeaderHash="010144db646a9bb5655cb7b204b2c33aa78bef260c9a" PeChecksum="0xa756ec" BinProductVersion="" BinFileVersion="" FileDescription="ICU Data DLL" LinkerVersion="9.0" LinkDate="12/04/2009 01:14:30" BinaryType="UNKNOWN" Created="12/29/2012 09:11:59" Modified="11/30/2011 03:11:05" LongPathHash="0000730998c514e753aaa484c640178de772045b08bd" UniqueId="0x15cf"/> <File Name="wws_crashreport_uploader.exe" Id="000034ae29d8484253da2244d1c8d4cbfb123571df29" ShortName="WWS_CR~1.EXE" SwitchBackContext="0x0100000000000500" Size="0x49568" SizeOfImage="0x4d000" PeHeaderHash="0101c5deccf509473224791c743a2e0e7f05da22f003" PeChecksum="0x52809" LinkerVersion="9.0" LinkDate="01/31/2012 03:36:40" BinaryType="32BIT" Created="12/29/2012 09:11:59" Modified="02/01/2013 22:04:54" LongPathHash="0000c4897d86017edfd5a8fc8d806e687c0db3a2329c" UniqueId="0x15d0"/> <File Name="en-US.dll" Id="00007fe16ea800a58cc4cc4de3c8100b1b88f05fcfa5" SwitchBackContext="0x0100000000000500" Size="0x1b000" SizeOfImage="0x1d000" PeHeaderHash="01017d38e50df8847ccda164203e14a64c6cf0d907da" PeChecksum="0x1ed88" LinkerVersion="9.0" LinkDate="11/20/2011 05:35:55" BinaryType="UNKNOWN" Created="12/29/2012 09:15:27" Modified="12/06/2011 01:33:37" LongPathHash="0000abbd19b43176ceddcfa3ec3d3229799ef2351bef" UniqueId="0x15e1"/> <File Name="avutil-ttv-51.dll" Id="000085185636774554b1e49146fce256a1be3c6ade2f" ShortName="AVUTIL~1.DLL" SwitchBackContext="0x0100000000000400" Size="0x3c23c" SizeOfImage="0x3a000" PeHeaderHash="0101634fb829d19101940f84c640e2a61de969e669a9" PeChecksum="0x4638b" LinkerVersion="2.22" LinkDate="10/25/2012 23:Hopefully the "code" tags will preserve the formatting so you can see that the first line of the inventoryslot.lua doesn't have and opening < character and compared to the other lines it's missing the first half of itself. Also the last line looks cutoff so I'm missing both the start and end of the file? Weird and probably just a steam update crazy event but just in case it could be more than just me I'm reporting it. If it helps I'm running Win7 Pro on an Intel i5-2500k 3.6GHz, 8gig Ram, nVidia GeForce GTX 590. Game has run perfectly in the past this is my first issue with 15 hours or so played.