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  1. yeah i know i can light other things up im not sure what i was thinking to be honest, i left most my stuff at the base and went for a stroll, just had the one torch and didnt realize i would freeze so quick so by the time i stopped cussing myself for the beard and thought to light a log it was too late. It was all down to my own stupidity and a simple miss click of the mouse
  2. I had a similar thing to this but i was running with a torch went to get beefalo hair and ended up shaving off my beard by mistake , unfortunately wilsons beard is the only thing i use for warmth and having nothing to make a fire I then promptly froze to death Ah death by shaving not a good way to go.
  3. Right ok, so i could get them on each of my three islands, guess that gives me something else to run away from then :biggrin-new:oh and thanx
  4. Hi guys,Sorry if this has already been asked, i looked and couldn't find an answer.Does only one igloo spawn on each map? and if so can the mactusk's jump islands?Ive found an igloo but i'm almost dead, so im wondering if i jump through a wormhole to another island that you cant reach by road will they be able to find me?Thanx