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  1. TL;DR version: Use gfxCardStatus and set your graphics switching to Integrated Only and Shank should run.Long version:I was having the same Mac crashing as others with Shank (immediately after the cutscene when starting a new game), and it appears to be related to graphics card switching on the Macbook Pro.I run gfxCardStatus, and when I have it set to Dynamic Switching or Discrete Only (using the Radeon HD 6770M) the game crashes, but if I set it to Integrated Only (Intel HD Graphics 3000) the game runs.An additional note: when I have a wired xbox 360 controller in, the crash report says the controller thread crashed the program, but if I run it without the controller, it says it is the dispatch manager. When I force integrated only, the game runs fine with the controller.I've attached the crash report:[ATTACH]3973[/ATTACH] DiscreteOnlyCrash.txt