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  1. Today i noticed something extremely odd , when i load save file of my base(latest) about 25% of all radiant liquid pipes suddenly turn into -250 degrees celcius , then break and leak -250 degrees celcius water and it happens all across my base When you load the save game all environment , pipes , all water inside , water where its taken from has normal temprature , as you unpause , in split second some of water turns -250 and starts braking pipes this is most odd bug i seen and it happened ether after this hotfix or last hotfix , my base was fine before that and it is not even save bound , i loaded 2 previous autosaves and same thing happens Screenshots After loading save(paused) After 10 seconds on max speed After 20 seconds max speed Savegame file 29.sav
  2. *Hides far far away so he dont get murdered by random people*Ok people before you all start jumping on me and start shoving words into my throat i not said or complain my sanity level in this game reached negative values breaking rules of quantum physics answer is is noOther thing i would like to address i hate posting suggestion to games or mods, mostly because fanbois of certain game or game mod have weird tendency to do bad things to me because i ask for something "who would make game better but cant be done because engine don't lets you" (oh bohoo COH not so long ago with "new vehicles" mods , 10000 people say impossible before 1 guy comes who dont knows and does it anyway) but i dont really want to argue about multi-player but something elseAAAAAANYYYHOOOW to these who did or not read my rant above here is where im getting to point i dont find myself great gamer tho most games i did played i finished on highest or highest difficulty without struggling too much (unless devs made it hard for sake being hard like famous sniper alley in certain FPS game with ww2 in it)Game is not hard , not even in 20% once you learn basic mechanics and how gaming works , yes food spoils , spiders are scary , you got demon sack guy coming over if your bad or these hounds hunting you every now and then , but im person who played probably hardest games who require some skill(not just fast eye , go away these anime 2d dodging shoting games) i admit first 4 plays i played was satisfying i not knew much about game and died for so reason , but after learning basics , learning i can build safe base put some armor and craft weapon easyly game stopped being a challenge to such point i stopped using berries as source for food because it felt like "easy mode on" just to get 12 of these and plant in your camp for free endless foodYes food spoils , but does that make game harder? not for most parts , it may add challenge to winter but usually you dont end up with so much on food and you usually eat whats most spoiled before its spoilsSanity update was fun , died when i tried to check whats it ending up unable to get back high up but true is most of players wont get it below 85 and all combat except hellhounds(who i not encountered because i moved to second world on day 75 as i was bored) seam easy , even in my early days i managed to defeat tree boss before i even survived to day 20 first time)what im saying game lacks longer term challenge , after you make your farm(base/camp/whatever you call it) and gatherup berry bushes(or not because i find it too easy) game stops being challenge and turns into daily chore of "farming food , cooking , gathering supplies you miss" at first i started to think myself what else you may need , what else to sanity hunger and health there may be missed or mechanic who could bring bigger , "long term challenge" you wont probably notice in first 10 days of playingIts not mine idea , it was binged up in mod i simply left because fanbois started to troll me as soon as i posted interesting suggestion who is a bit related to my above rantNutrition bar who would sort of track "how fed you are" we all know junk food is not good long term and can develop nasty diseases or even death in long term and eating that monster meat or "bad food" should have longer term effect but then it would not add much challenge , maybe nutrition bar where you sort of need to have balance diet to eat veggies , fruit and meat in sort of "balance diet"I maybe trying too hard friend told me it would be then too hard and game already has too many bars with sanity hunger and health but i found it good because it would add to whole "dont starve" thing in game nameTo be honest i was not ever great with super ideas , maybe on some but i really lack here to bringup anything "sparkly" who would make game harder without all fans hammering me down with "no" imagesI herd winter is coming and i cant wait but thats gono start on day 30 , come on by day 30 person like me will have already build base , storied supplies for 2 winters in freezer cooked into "long spoiling food" i would want some real long term challenge who could put minor but "real" danger not sanity who just owns you once you "let it" go downi seen but it dont adds much considering iv been not doing most things already because "it makes game too easy"