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  1. *Spoilers* O_O

    More importantly, we've been getting hit/killed by them ;_;
  2. I must say that I do enjoy your avatar.

    "Why would you say that?"

  3. I wish there was a mod that made darts infinite. :3
  4. Faces... FACES!!!

    That reminds me of something else.
  5. Wow I have to try that, that sounds hilarious. Leave a trail of flowers and see this large trail of poop by one pig :L
  6. Do not attempt to 1v1 a pig. Their abilities to kite makes it so that you will take a lot of damage before you are able to kill them.Instead, befriend a pig and ask it to kill another. Once one of them have died, kill the other one by yourself (it should be weakened enough to die by one hit) for anything that you would've wanted from the pigs.
  7. Kiting pigs VS. any boss = Pigs win.

    Yeah its nearly impossible to go up against a pig 1 on 1 without taking damage anymore.Its more effective to just hire a pig to kill another pig, and kill the other one while its injured :biggrin-new:This has led to pig armies being the new meta.Seriously just send one pig on a tier 2 spider den and he will survive the encounter as you single out the warrior spiders for yourself. The pigs can so easily kite the regular spiders its ridiculous.
  8. WX78 post winter update..

    Food can still turn to rot, so he still can't hoard food indefinitely
  9. Monster HP doubled?

    Yeah you can't just slaughter pigs anymore just by spamming your left click.I feel that it was called for. The game was definitely way too easy pre-winter patch
  10. Pan flute recipe too expensive!

    Are the mandrakes supposed to follow you when you pick them in the afternoon/night?All they do now is jump in place.
  11. [Gameplay] Stack of amulets being destroyed are aware of this issue.
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number - Issue title Equipped items disappearing after right-clicking Steps to reproduce Have a full inventory while having something equipped in your hand. ie. an axe or spear Pick up something that will prompt the character to say they can no longer carry anymore items. Right click on the item equipped to your hand. Describe your issue If you have a full inventory and something equipped to your hand, and pick up something that can no longer fit in your inventory, right-clicking your currently equipped item will cause it to disappear. Simple to reproduce, I have done this many times on accident. Edit: This only occurs if you don't have a backpack equipped added pictures to reproduce steps ^
  13. Sleeping without a fire with the straw roll

    This makes sense. all of my whats.
  14. Sleeping without a fire with the straw roll

    Then how does he notice you if you never built a fire at all and just stood still?