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  1. Thx!I think that the player would like to have some kind of revenge for what Maxwell did to him... i imagined a sort of epic battle, in which Maxwell is taken by surprise by the player... or something similar...
  2. I wish i could have a final fight with Maxwell in an other dimension (maybe shadow or hell dimension) once reached the portal (the wooden thing that now allows us to change world), and after defeated him, i wish to see Max transforming into Grue, for a new and more difficult boss fight (perhaps in more phases).In this way we should direct all our efforts to preapir this final battle. And so that portal would be good for something else ;)After we have defeated also Grue we could choose to remain in our world (maybe with some advantages, for example: nights not completely dark, the absence of the monster that kills us in the dark (actually grue xD), and cetera), or choose to leave and return to the world we belong to (with an ending movie perhaps).I hope that my suggestion will be considered.