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  1. Another One of those Fun Multiplayer Threads

    Yeah, a de-rail isn't exactly a bad thing in this situation.The funny thing is that I'm not a long time CnC fan - I stumbled into it for the first time with the original Generals in 2003. My friends and I still play that game to this day every now and then - they really nailed a perfect formula. I wasn't that impressed with CnC 4 or the following titles which just seemed to be cranked out really quickly in order to sell a lot of initial copies, but completely lacked developer support afterward.This new direction they're going with in CnC looks promising - if they don't mess it up it could be a really great platform for the franchise with an emphasis in post-release content.
  2. Another One of those Fun Multiplayer Threads

    Command and Conquer has definitely gone through some rough patches over the past few years, but I'm quite excited about Generals 2. The development studio seems to have its head in the right place and EA doesn't appear to be interfering too much. Crossed fingers!
  3. Another One of those Fun Multiplayer Threads

    Thank you! I'm a little worried about the current direction of this thread so I'm probably going to gracefully disengage, but I wanted to get my two cents out there without causing a lot of problems.
  4. Another One of those Fun Multiplayer Threads

    You don't have to apologize to me. I knew yesterday when I started this thread it wouldn't make any difference, but I'm glad to see it sparked some mostly civil discussion. Regardless, the game will be what it is and I wish the developers the best of luck with it. You don't have to get defensive. In any case, I don't think there's much more I can contribute to this thread. I'm glad I created it, and I'm pleased the developers saw fit to respond and engage even if I disagree with their perspective. - - - Updated - - - You're cherry-picking. Don't Starve is not Elder Scrolls.
  5. Another One of those Fun Multiplayer Threads

    I can appreciate that, Avarwen - it was the comment itself I was making reference to.
  6. Another One of those Fun Multiplayer Threads

    The long and short of it is that this has been discussed up and down not only in this thread but in several others. No one is arguing that it wouldn't require more work and there wouldn't be more bugs to squish. That's the price of making a more ambitious product that is marketable to more people. What I'm hearing from you is essentially "STFU program it yourself, n00b." That isn't serious discussion. I can sympathize that you're passionate about the game, but there's no need to feel threatened or adopt a condescending attitude. My arguments are no threat to you, and you don't have to read them if they make you uncomfortable.
  7. Another One of those Fun Multiplayer Threads

    Now you're just being silly.
  8. Another One of those Fun Multiplayer Threads

    As long as we're making stuff up, put some bullet points in that image about how space aliens have forbidden the release of any multiplayer on pain of death.What I see being talked about is matters of game vision and ideology and the kind of game the developers want to make. I can't help but get the impression that you didn't read the original post (or the developer's response).
  9. Another One of those Fun Multiplayer Threads

    Yes, and I'd point you to the OP.
  10. Another One of those Fun Multiplayer Threads

    I hear what you're saying, BM, but the point is that with so many other options, and good options at that, why should my friends and I try and figure out a convoluted way to enjoy this game together when we could just play a multiplayer game and not have to jump through any hoops to get the fun we want out of it? Seriously, I'm glad that we're talking about this in a civil and rational way. What I'm saying is I think everyone can have their cake and eat it too. People who only want a single player experience won't have a gun held to their head forcing them to play the multiplayer mode of this game.
  11. Another One of those Fun Multiplayer Threads

    The secret is you gotta find the friends first, *THEN* play Minecraft with them! Just joining a random server is always a crapshoot.
  12. Another One of those Fun Multiplayer Threads

    Wow, I look away for 16 hours or so and find 50+ responses to this thread - and most of them are polite and constructive responses regardless of what camp people fall into. Nice.I suppose my biggest point is this: I can appreciate that the developers have a vision or ideology behind the game, and that's cool, I can appreciate that - but I don't buy games for a vision, I buy them to have a good time. I really do wish the developers success in whatever route they feel they need to take the game, and I say that with no snark or sarcasm - developing games is hard work. However, and you'll see this point crop up in this thread and in others, it's multiplayer that keeps games going long after they would have worn out their welcome in single player. Single player games might give a fun experience for a limited period of time, but before long you pop it back on the shelf and forget about it. In a multiplayer environment you have the ability to create a community with your friends (perhaps in this case a small community of lonely, terrified people isolated from the rest of the world who have to do everything in their power to survive ala Lost). The community is what keeps games like Minecraft popular long after the single player experience would have driven itself into the dirt.The crux of this is without single player, in two years no one will be talking about Don't Starve. With solid multiplayer support, in two years people may very well still be buying it at retail price and telling their friends to do the same.
  13. From what Googling and investigating I’ve done, I can see my experience here isn’t unique, but I felt it worth going through the trouble of creating an account and posting anyway.I heard about this game and was intrigued – it sounded like a really neat concept, and I’m a fan of survival games. Naturally the first thing I did was check to see if it supported multiplayer, and, when I discovered that not only it didn’t, but the developers explicitly stated they have no intention to support it in the future, I immediately discounted it as a possible purchase.You hear arguments tossed around about how every game has to have multiplayer by rote and other nonsense, and how a single player experience is just as good for certain games, but for me, and many others, gaming is a social experience. I’m an adult with limited time. For the vast majority of my gaming I prefer games where I can play with my friends across the country. We laugh, we drink a beer or two, we catch up, and we have fun playing. We’ve been playing Minecraft for over two years, and if Minecraft was single player only, I would have played It for maybe two months before putting it back on the shelf, and most of my friends would never have purchased it at all.There's an argument that any game that has multiplayer grafted onto it suffers in the single player experience. This, of course, is absurd. One of my favorite recent single player games, X-Com: Enemy Unknown, is a dream to play, and also has a very fun multiplayer mode. Minecraft is another, and an indie game example. For me, the decision is simple – without multiplayer, I won’t be buying the game. That’s fine; the developers will continue to make their game, and I’ll play something else, and won’t lose any sleep over it. It is, however, a missed opportunity on the side of the developers. Recently I came across a multiplayer game I really enjoyed. I told some friends and they jumped in. Within two weeks, a total of ten people, including myself, purchased that game who wouldn’t have if it had been single player only, and we’re hardly a unique example. Without multiplayer, Minecraft would have still sold well, but it would not have been the breakout sensation it’s become. The bottom line is people who purely enjoy a single player experience do not have to play multiplayer if they don’t want to, and I, and the nine other friends I’d bring to the table, would buy the game and have our fun just as people who only play single player would have their fun. I’ve read plenty of other threads punching holes in the excuses of coding difficulties – yes, it’d be more work, yes, there’d be bugs to squish, but that’s the price to pay to get the business of me, my nine friends, and the hordes of others of like mind. It’s possible the developers don’t want to do the work for those sales, and again, that’s fine – there’s no shortage of fun, unique, charming games, both independent and AAA on the market, and as I said, I won’t be losing any sleep over this one.It’s just a missed opportunity on the developer side, and for social gamers who would have bought it had it had something to offer them in addition to the single player experience.