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  1. Hello there! I just entered the Forums, I've been playing Don't Starve for some days and I decided "Why the hell not?!". I've never done any Fanart from other games or any other things. Don't Starve is actually my first Game that I have Fanart! I've made it for a friend actually, she is my best friend! And she was feeling down so I made it for her! I made a little text for her too, but I hope, in case you're feeling down, it helps you too: Sometimes it all seems covered in darkness, it seems that everything will just fall down and consume you. Sometimes you feel the hounds chasing at you, biting you and devouring your hopes away. Sometimes, you just feel that the darkness is looking at you, judging you. But there is always a way to smile! Even when you feel the hounds at your feet, the darkness covering you. Smile, for even when the claws of the darkness reach you and try to rip you, there will be light somewhere where you can find a little bit of rest. So hey, Don’t Cry! There is also this huge text here I hope you guys like it!