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  1. Version 2.0


    I make available to you this mod that brings a new character. Our hero is fooled by Maxwell that takes you on an adventure that will test all their strength. * "Dont Starvism" a Known program; * Greater resistance to the wild with less loss of sanity; * Tech bonus level compatible with its known ability to survive; Update v1.1 Fixed bug when character had a hat! Update v2 Fixed bugs (full stable mod) Leave your Reviews and ... Enjoy .. I only ask you don't forget: "Do not Starve!"
  2. Hello, survivor...I was thinking about your idea and i drew this for you...i hope that you enjoy...
  3. Oops!!!, sorry.... it's my sanity... ... is going away ... uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh!!
  4. The first and most important step it's BELIEVE!, all after are consequence...don't you?
  5. It was made with toothpick, do you believe in that ?
  6. Good Work, Pal!You have a "good hand", you can optimize your skills on a tablet and a pen...If you want, i could talk more about this...Go ahead!
  7. Painted Hand by Hand with the "Don't Starve Characters", they Love it !!
  8. Painted Hand by Hand.My beloved daughter loves "Don't Starve", she always tell:- Father, i want the game of the little girl!
  9. I understand you, but each player could play it the way that he wants, if the guy wants to play with a "Barbie" and he think "it's cool to play whit this", I would not worry about this. I think the "art" of the game is very unique and should be preserved as a trademark , but a good cartoonist and a good programmer could make anyone in a "Do not Starve style" without losing the essence of the game and making it even more fun and "customizable". I am pretty sure about this because i am a amateur cartoonist.
  10. TravelingI was thinking about this: the scientist makes a small boat and travels to another map (island) in search of their freedom? ... journey time (dizziness and vomiting), the livelihood at sea, storm, escape of "sea monsters" ... the platform would be completely fuctional 2.5 d for all this, for sure.Think, if otherwise, he does a rocket ...Congratulations to the team for this game and for this chance to talk about it.ZeMadNatal, Brazil
  11. Character customizationI think that would be very interesting to play with a character similar to myself, another thing funny would be to play with a "cartoonization" of a known person as President Lula or Obama or Elvis...:biggrin-new:With a customization, the player could feel himself a little bit "co-creator" of the game, for sure is what you pretended when you opened this forum.ZeMadNatal-Brazil