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  1. You cant kite them anymore. They kite you. the moment after they swing, they back off so you cant get a counter-hit. I don't think werepigs aggro on normal pigs anymore like it used to. Due to its new erratic movement it's pretty tough to get it to sit still in front of a swamp tentacle to get it to attack the werepig.
  2. I'm Necroing this old post rather than starting a new one. Since the map button already takes up a certain amount of space (I have never actually clicked on the map button, the tab key is easier). I think it would be very useful to replace it with a minimap (it could still maintain it's click to go to big map functionality). When exploring it would be nice to have to see where the fog of war is so you can explore without having to hit tab every 20 seconds.
  3. lol looks like someones gonna have to start making fire darts
  4. Ehh I dont think the lack of roads makes it more difficult per se, it just really lowers efficiency and makes early game kind of slow paced and boring. I guess it's more realistic though and forces more exploration rather than following the roads to hit all the important spots on the map which is not necessarily a bad thing. If you like the game enough, youll endure the grind.
  5. The idea behind this strategy is to map out exactly where all the resources are to optimize your first few days. So you can hopefully get up to alchemy tier and starting turbo farm plots by day 2.
  6. Yeah I understand that this is supposed to be a hard game. I'm not saying to make it easy, but allowing the player some control over sanity I dont think is an incredibly bad thing. Personally I dont even use honey ever because I just don't like bees, and the only thing I use my crockpot for is for making use of monster meat.Idk. I just saw from a lot of these threads, that people can play this game in many different ways, their own style and I liked that the game gave players that option. I'm in no way trying to offend anyone with my disagreement. I'm sure most of the people would agree with you.
  7. There has to be some entry level. And even for non-noobs, some people don't want to have to be completely stressed out while playing the game. Im not saying to balance the game to make it super easy, but you can always choose not to do things you think will make the game less than Very Hard mode.You can always play Wes and refuse to use crockpots.
  8. Although I do see that these points you mention could make the game too easy for people who have played this a lot and become pros, but rather than remove them completely and force everyone to conform to your difficulty, I would argue that it would be much easier (for the new players as well as the devs) just to make the option of not using the items that you believe make the game too easy. Some people want to be able to farm beardlings to make some effigies to give themselves a safety net in case something unexpected happens (especially for not Wilson characters. you can kill like 10 of them without getting enough beard hair for an effigy. That might take a couple days. getting attacked by hounds while defending your fire from 2 shadow hands is pretty tough). Some people want to play for a long time and want to build an expansive base. I think it would really hurt the playerbase and severely narrow the already niche demographic of this game if it were made too difficult.I hope they don't make the game too incredibly difficult. With the winter update coming I wouldnt be surprised if the cold weathers nerf the farms.
  9. yeah I havent gotten around to terraforming yet. I want to just fill the map with cobblestone so I can walk FOREVER.
  10. Do you mean chester will not spawn, or you just wont see him due to short ranged vision?
  11. Thanks, yeah I tried to BBCode the attachment URL that the Klei forums use for attaching images. I think it needs to end in .imgformat extention for it to work
  12. Err hopefully it works now. For some reason the [Attach config] tag was showing as a link instead of an image so I tried to tag it.
  13. Here is a map tip that might help people have a more stable start to their games. One thing I do is I always start a game with a cartographer run. I only collect enough materials and food to survive and spend most nights running with the torch, following every road. (It appears that when a road ends, it marks the end of the land. An end of the road seems to mark a dead end on the map). If I find points of interest, I will reveal more of that map (beefalo, wormholes, wooden thing, reed swamps, pig towns (especially if there are bush farms), pig king, graveyards, spider biomes, bee biomes, etc). After I am content with what I find, I go to my map, zoom out and screencap. I then promptly kill myself and retry (when you retry it uses the same map) for a serious run. Example of my cartographer run (+ photoshop): This way, I know where everything is, and I can beeline straight for the resources I want first to have a stable base as soon as possible. Fortunately on this map. The graveyard had a wormhole that went fairly close to the Pig King. I was able to dig a ton of graves and then run to the wormhole and cash out for about 2 stacks of gold in one go. also, if you are looking in a position that you might die, quickly open your map, zoom out, and screenshot. If you have photoshop, you can then layer your new map over your old one and erase the fog of war from one or the other to combine both maps.