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  1. We're Live!

    I loved being a part of this beta. This game is great and i cant wait to see what you have in store for future updates.
  2. Release Candidate!

    good. happy know its fixed then.
  3. Release Candidate!

    i think is it. if i did it right.http://i.imgur.com/rpZiqnp.jpg?1
  4. Release Candidate!

    Are we still reporting bugs here? Cause i think i have a couple. I attacked a hound den and my game stopped. i got this screenshot that i cant figure out how to post. i think im too stupid.and also when i have a big stack of carrots i would cook a few and then eat them while i had the rest of the stack in my hand. it says i can eat them with right click but it wont let me do that. i didnt know if it was intentional or a bug.sorry if im late or something. it just happened so i figured it would be best if i told someone. and im also sorry if i put this in the wrong spot.
  5. Quick advice about winter and sanity

    thanks guys. i'll just make a straw roll and sleep a might away. i'm too scared to fight mactusk.
  6. ok so i'm on day 34. almost done with winter. got killed by a treeguard and then resurrected and now my sanity is too low. whats a real quick and easy way to boost it back up in the middle of winter. i guess i could go pick up some random old flowers but is there something quicker and easier? thanks for the help.
  7. Suggestion: Adding a new boss type monster

    wow. i didnt realize there were that many posts. thanks dude
  8. Has anyone ever suggested adding a monster similar to the slender man. i know most of the monsters are mytho based and i think this one would be really creepy and freaking scary. Maybe as an insanity boss or something. I wouldn't know though cause i barely go insane. but anyhow, there are some creepy youtube videos about him. just curious as to what people think about this. i've been thinking about it for a while now.