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  1. Alright, welp maybe one day when its fixed i can do more advanced hair sprites but for now ill just have to do my work around for it. Thank you SO MUCH for all your help allot of people don't stick around and help for this long and it means allot.
  2. Are you referring to the character_none.lua file or the asset list in the mod main? (or something else entirely?)
  3. hairfront1- is clear hairfront-0 is my sprite which is the correct png size.
  4. Ohh you're right i just checked the normal esc_template does have it.
  5. I have not checked other places on this forum yet for this specific problem (i have checked for similar ones) but in the character template files there is no Hair_front file and it seems to have been added in when i compiled my files for the first time.
  6. There is hair_front 0 which is what I edited and that goes on the facing the screen sprite and then hair_front 1 goes on the sideways sprite so i left that blank I have added the .zip for my current version so you can check there.
  7. I have not changed the spriter file at all and all my file paths seem correct. When the head is moving however it doesn't seem to follow. Here is a gif of it in action
  8. The layer i'm using is the hair_front layer. Works fine until you move.
  9. I'm currently doing the art pass for my character mod and their hair goes over and covers parts of their face. This works fine when the character is standing still or in spriter. But when in game if my character moves the hair layer falls behind the face layer. is there any fix for this or should i just deal with how its is currently?
  10. I had something similar but the post that i was using as a tutorial might have had it formatted wrong. edit* I put this code in my modmain but to no avail. I have a feeling the issue either lies in my file pathing, (I don't know how much don't starve needs to rely on file paths) or the actual mod item's lua code isn't working because of what i put in (probably the issue.)
  11. For now i just simply want to make the item work as a straw roll with infinite uses. I have attempted to edit the straw_roll.lua for my mod (renaming all instances of straw and straw_roll to my item name) and it didn't crash my game. But I also couldn't spawn the item in... For now i'm just using the straw roll art assets and such but i'm not 100% sure where they should go in the item file.
  12. Lumina posted this in the other thread i made that the moderators closed because I forgot there was a mod's section of the forums. oops "I don't know more updated tutorial. But you can try to explain what is wrong and people will try to help you. What kind of item do you want to create ? Weapon ? Simple item ? Something else ?" I am attempting to make a straw/fuzzy roll type item, essentially something you sleep on.
  13. I have been attempting to use this tutorial by Dana Adams but its nearly 5 years old and very difficult to follow if you are using more updated tutorials for character making like this one by dleowolf. Does anyone know of a more straight forward or updated tutorial?