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  1. yeah, krampus could get a major buff and drop an item called "make a wish" which lets you revive ur dead pal. go krampus, go krampus!
  2. there will be different modes imo, like normal where you can simply be revived, and hardcore, death for good til maxwell won. ALSO! Reelect president krampus, he's got charcoal!!
  3. they should die for good, but there should be a way for the other players to revive them within a limited time. cool idea on that, to actually make it difficult: one player dies, which creates a tombstone and a sorta shrine. you have to go there within a time and dig the grave up. as soon as you do that, a new grim reaper like boss would spawn and you have to defeat him in order to revive the dead player. his strength could be determined by the days that have passed. also he could have minions spawning with him, the more people on the server, the more minions. ALSO! this could be a way to put wilton into the game - dead player turns into wilton upon revival. ALSO also! vote for krampus!
  4. holy hell.. so, as we get our claims for mp.. does that mean we are going to get what we have been claiming for the krampus aswell!? back on strike!!
  5. that from in the right upper corner looks like he is bouncing on his gigantig scrotum.
  6. there is absolutely no point in playing much longer than arround 150 days. it should be enough to try everything and mess arround with all the crap the game offers. you should get bored as hell and only solution is to start a new world, so you have things to do - and if ure lucky there is a new update to test, which you mostly need to start a new world for anyways, if you want to try all the new content.and as there is no bit of a difficulty increase after that much time playing, its not really impressive to have a high count of days. just proves you indeed are, really really bored..
  7. may i ask what program you use besides ms paint? im allways wondering how people manage to do such smooth shapes, even the pics u made in ms paint, its fascinating! one knows it once tried yourself xD are you using an ergonomical mouse? btw, great video. its a pity that people rarely post the accrual of their artworks, only just the final results. really good