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  1. lmao jesus dude, ok ok damn.. just thought it would be funny..
  2. the icon can also be intestines right under the heart and stomach ... And all you have to do, to do your business is to click the icon. If your out in the open your character can just say "i think someone/something is watching me" and it wont work.
  3. It's very cool that you can now lose your mind, but how about digestion? i know it sounds gross but I'm sure that's part of survival. It's not like you have to show details either, you can make it specific that you have to do it behind a bush or a tree. also after the business is done you simply have manure? and also, if u become so scared, along with your mental state, that you have to digest faster the more scared you are.. idk if anyone will read this i just signed up just because i had this idea. i love this game and i think every update is awesome anyway