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  1. So guys, i tried to do another fortress, just to see if it persists, but now i made a video... By the way, sorry for the advertising. At 00:04 i build a stone wall, and again, i'm thrown out. Just posting because like i said before, this is a tactic against DragonFly, then i let just one passage, to lock it when she calls her lavaes, sometimes building the last wall i'm throw out and this frustrates a lot. dontstarve_steam 2016-04-05 14-21-43-47.wmv client_log.txt
  2. Hey everyone, I guess all experienced players in DST tried or try defeat all bosses, including DragonFly. Im one of those players. Probaly like me, you know the better strategy, make a fortress of rock walls and tank her inside it... But sometimes i get a problem doing these fortress, first, on purpose, you leave a passage to call DragonFly attention, returns inside your fortress and tank it, after a lot of hits, she will call Lavaes, and this is the moment you lock the passage with another rock wall, then you wait she comeback and finish her. The problem is, sometimes when i try to lock the passage, im simply thrown out of my fortress, and i cant comeback because all is locked... Yea, i can destroy a wall to pass but, and if i dont have more rocks? If i am not very fast destroyng it, Lavaes will come and beat me like this image attached. I dont know if this is really a bug, just reporting because sometimes i can, but sometimes i cant lock and still stay inside it. And i dont have a image in the moment that i was thrown out, but wasnt the first time :/ client_log.txt
  3. Hi its me JorgeAAD :p