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  1. Thanks for the rep points. I didn't even know that existed :)

  2. Do you stream on twitch or anything, or just YouTube?

  3. ...How about if there's a little shame? :pI have been doing some Don't Starve Let's Plays. Check 'em out here!I also have episodes up of my other series called Freckles Plays in which I do first looks at a new game each episode.If you'd like to catch my DS streaming live, subscribe to me here.Thanks for any and all support
  4. Wow! That is a really nice base. Mine are never that nice because at first when they're small they are organized and everything is close by. Then, as it expands, it turns out I don't have as much room as I thought or whatever and I wind up squeezing things in and it just looks like a mess. Also, dang, that's a lot of crock pots!
  5. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I have a question that probably doesn't warrant a new one.What happens when you eat the deerclops eyeball? It doesn't spoil, which makes me think it's not just your run-of-the-mill food item. I read somewhere (wiki?) that eating it ends winter immediately but that that was unconfirmed. Currently the wiki says nothing about this.I only have one, and it's probably a fluke that I have it at all and doubt I'll ever kill another deerclops, so I don't want to waste it finding out. Thanks!
  6. This thread gave me warm fuzzies. This is what a community should be <3
  7. I gotta say, my curiosity is really getting to me. I am certain that hearing it would terrify me, but I really want to know what it sounds like. Gah! I have a headset, a pretty good one. I'll step into the darkness and have a listen. Hold my hand D: Edit: I tried 2 nights in a row. It was pretty loud by my camp what with 3 bee boxes, a bee mine and a bee hive, a bird in a cage and a couple rabbits running around. So I went to an adjacent biome (forest), dug up 3 graves and camped. I didn't hear it. I think the fact that my palms were sweaty when the sun came up tells me that I don't really need to either.
  8. I have seen a couple people mention the laughter. I've never heard it myself, I'm kinda glad though.I do hear a high pitched squeal every morning a split second before the sun comes up. It could be a scream, or maybe it's supposed to be an animal. It's not as scary as I may be making it sound. I am fairly certain is not laughter though.
  9. Just a little base I threw together. The location wasn't perfectly ideal, but I loved the little island-ness of it. Pigs were nearby, so coupled with all the berries I could pic gave me enough poop to farm. I had a bee mine on each end of the island too. (I say "had" because the one night I venture off to find Chester I get attacked by stinkin' stupid hounds!!) Berry farm Farm plots Science! My own little island
  10. Aww man, I know what I'm doing when I get home!
  11. I made this the other day and when I watched it today I noticed quite a few things I could have done differently and (spoiler alert!) I might have survived (at least one more night). Freckles PlaysThis is also a bit of a shameless plug for my Let's Plays (I know I'm not that good at the game, that's kinda the point - I learn as I go while publicly humiliating myself in the process)Enjoy!
  12. I have had this happen a lot too, I figured it was intentional :/ Does this work sans bait? I usually put them directly over the hole and catch them often and never need bait.
  13. A cooked morsel doesn't do a whole lot, but meatballs are pretty great for sanity.