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  1. MadPotatoes' Sketches n' Doodles.

    very awesome indeed
  2. MadPotatoes' Sketches n' Doodles.

    awesome toodoodlepoodlemoodles!epic awesome aamazing ahsjgushefsufuh~!!!!!0~0 :SDDDi wuv em1wuvvv!!1111!!awesome epic cool and fun i love beetle and elephant/koalefant everthyings awesome!!!even the giant airship that fires cat bombs!!!! (Wait you didn't do taht *embaressed*)but aneway AWESOMEP.S:i do bad spelling on purpose cause i want to be loud and clear
  3. OMG! It's a puzzle! [Doorway to Adventure]

    wow just awesomeyea cool idea for like a final battleyou could find like a candle to help you light up the placebut there has to be a there are 20 torches u need to light up using your candle before it runs out.when u light all the torches... it becomes all light and you can see maxwell in the chairthen charlie goes behind the chair because of the lightthen maxwell stands up to be HUGEthen he grabs you with his hand knocks over the candles and it starts turning blackBUT before it turns pitch-black the last thing you see is maxwell with an evil smilethen it turns pitch-black and you hear a roar from charle then a sucking sound and maxwell laughingthen it turns light and your character wakes up back on the island and says a rare quotei only know wilsons quote and it isWison:"I will return to you someday....father."this means that maxwell would be like wilsons father or somethingIF you think of a better quote tell me