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  1. Best strategy for this game ?

    that's much Useful ... thank you so much ... i will apply that on my next game play ... thank you all.
  2. Best strategy for this game ?

    can any one please explain for me what to do day by day ?
  3. Hi ... i'm just wondering what is the best strategy for the game ... because i really don't know ... i was playing this game so much before it became famous and before it released officially ... and i didn't play it for a long time ... so winter always kill me ... max day that i ever reached is 22 ... can you please help ?.
  4. Ideas

    Hello , How Are You ?This Is My First Thread I Have Some Little Ideas Sorry May My English Is Bad1- Add Diamond Color For The Axe/Pickaxe/Shovel .2- Add More Thing Near The Health And The Hungry And The Insanity - Add Vitality , If It Low , The Player Walk Slowly , And Add Boredom , Like The Player Need Read Some Stories And Listen Music And Play With Someone Like Pigs . 3- Add More Animals , Like Cats And Dogs And Bears And Of Course Tiger .4- You Can Build Bed To Sleep ( Which Change It With The Tent )5- You Can Get Some Water , To Poured It On The Flowers Or Grass And Grow Faster Q- Which One Of The Ideas You Like It More ?Thanks For Reading , Wish You Like It .