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  1. I was playing the game this weekend and think I've come up with a rather good idea, that I hope you won't think is a load of poop!I was getting quite fed up of trekking back and fourth for the sake of beefalo manure, when I realised that my little Librarian wasn't doing something quite fundamental to human life, she wasn't pooing!If, just once or twice a day she could poo, I could have fertalised and saved myself a few trips.The art work is probably the wrong way around (you would expect that it would be full when you need to poo and empty when there's nothing to come out).And just think of the possibilities, IBS, constipation even diarrhea from eating rot/spoilt food.Penalties for not pooing, well one quite obvious, but others my include losing brain function or life?I'd be interested to see what others think!