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  1. Anyone know a way you can quickly unlock the options? possibly by editing a file or using a tool, finding the parts for the machine is a pain now due to long distances and id rather just unlock all the options so i can play with them instead of doing adventure mode.
  2. Updating it today, gunna go through it all and fix any mistakes!, havent had time recently due to work, winter tale update will come either the day the patch is released or the day after too!
  3. thats something i need to update for sanity patch, killer bees never spawned before you attacked the hive before this patch and with the mass spawning of killer bees i assume it was a bug so i never changed it, and well, i think everyone knows that you will get attacked if you attack a hive so i just put it under neutral, il update it though!
  4. Hello! i recently created a guide to Don't Starve and i am now looking for feedback and suggestions!http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=122584739This is pretty much the way i play the game, its not perfect now with Sanity added now and the lack of spider nests to rush a bee box but its getting adjusted!, anyways id be very grateful if you guys could leave a comment on it with suggestions or even just your thoughts on it, if you like it a thumbs up and fav would also be very appreciated. i worked very hard on it!thanks~