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  1. True, but it just bugs me that its so vague. But I guess thats the idea.
  2. Is story mode coming in an update or when the game is officially released?
  3. This entry is not going to ask why my graphics are being spazzy, or how to unlock a certain item, but I'm wondering if someone who has something to do with the creation of this game could give me some answers. I feel the need to know some background information about a character before I get into a game. And all the games I've ever really played have an intro, which usually explains the game or whats going on, and Don't Starve does not. I get attached to some of the characters I play with and I feel like I can't get attached to Willow or Wilson, because I know nothing about them. (Aside from knowing he's a scientist that can grow a beard.) Thats nice to know, but I want to know so much more. When you start the game you get an screen with a few options, then a few more, and then your thrown into the game knowing nothing more than that some guy named Maxwell thinks you need to find some food. And maybe thats how the creators want it, they want you to feel like the charcter, completely cluless about your surroundings and situation. I just wish the characters had more of a bio. Or something that tells you whats happening. So here are some qustions I would like answered. - Who is Maxwell and why is he special? - Why did Maxwell put you here and not someone else? - Is this island hell or pugatory? - Is Maxwell **** or some demon that controls the island?If anyone agrees that its too vague please comment and give your opinion on my questions. And if you wonder other things please share. And if someone could tell me I would love to know.