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  1. added you (i need at leaste 10 chare cccccetakjfklas)
  2. Im selling don't starve beta for any of these games (Game for Game) BTW, i will not be active on this thread, so add me on steam for a fast trade!!!Games i will be willing to trade:Valley Without Wind 2RavagedShattered HorizonRainbow 6 Vegas (Original not 2)HomefrontMW1Blacklight: Tango DownBrinkBattlefield 2Or any nice multiplayer shooter!or an easy to run fast paced RPG.
  3. First off, this game is demented....i love it :DSo here we go, first weapon. A Musket, there are some ranged weapons, but who dosnt love the feel of a very strong rifle with fire and smoke come out of it. Plus a con of the weapon is long reload time.Then for Features.... Random you will be warned a day earlier... say like a Hurricane is coming the next day. So then when it hits, there is a lot of rain and tree's fall over, and you can't see as well, and during the storm special water mobs come on to land!Another feature could be stats....who dosnt like seeing how many times they have died, mobs killed, trees chopped, things crafted, total night cycles, how many EVENTS they have survived through.well, Thats about all i can think of...sorry but if you like the ideas leave a comment letting me know, and if you hate them. Well, just don't be a troll and leave a comment knowing how much you hate it -.-I really would like to see my ideas get some recognition, and be put in the game. Thanks for reading - Dr Potato (steam) and Tomas/Tommy (RL)