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  1. As per title. Have run into this multiple times using manual airlocks to control flow of fluid between reservoirs. Upon load, manual airlocks set to closed will have fluid leaking through them, and their state will be listed as "auto". Resetting the state to closed corrects the problem. I've been trying to use these airlocks to separate areas containing waste and clean water, but by the time I've reset the state upon load, a bunch of waste usually leaks into my clean reservoir.
  2. Woot! Explicitly mentioned by a dev with my first post to the forums.<dances> :)Glad to see the devs took notice of this thread man. I absolutely love what you've done with Don't Starve so far, and am very interested in seeing how you tie it all together with adventure mode. Creating linear gameplay within an open ended game like DS without it feeling too artificial is an interesting design challenge, which is probably why I decided to create an account specifically to respond to this thread.
  3. With regards to using the wooden thing for the next level:The impression I get is having the components scattered in the world is just temporary placeholder. What I suspect they're going to do is make the components (or some of them) research items that require a large amount of resources to build.For example, the golden ring could be made out of a large amount of gold, the wooden switch wood, maybe the head out of stone, etc.This also fits better with some of the character dialogue about the thing.Anyways, as the developer stated adventure mode is very preliminary. What I'm hoping to eventually see is to have various game elements scattered throughout the different worlds to slowly introduce them to the player and to provide world specific challenges. For example, maybe berry bushes are only available in the first world or two, but pigs and beefalo don't make an appearance until worlds 2 or 3 (so you are basically forced to forage initially and can only build farms on later levels). Maybe gold isn't available until later levels requiring you to survive with just basic technology in the initial worlds.I think this would create much better pacing overall and give a unique feel to each of the worlds, and again, I suspect this may be the overall direction they're heading in. My impression is that they've been throwing all the game content at us at once up until now for testing purposes, are now beginning to work on the overall pacing of the game, and will begin to restrict when and where everything is accessible.