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  1. I made an AU. The survivors are swapped. Therefore… Swapped AU.I have yet to fully design the new Wickerbottom, Woodie and Wolfgang, they will come later. Maxwell is basicly William here so there is no need for a re-design. Try to guess who got what. Some are rather obvious. ~
  2. So. I made my own alternate universe for DS. Lets this be a hint: They are all swapped.
  3. Thanks for the comments so far. I'll provide with more fanart once I get good enough concepts!
  4. And here are my own DS characters in their Steampunk AU outfits ~
  5. It sure was. I had been trying to find my own style for years and I got it down! Thanks for the comment U//v//U
  6. I do believe this is relevant for Christmas or Krampusnacht ~
  7. Thank you U v U And yes, Wes did paint his cheeks with blood ~
  8. Also an update on my character Whitney the Shoplifter. She now has short hair and a twin brother named Whitner. Here they are after they found each other.
  9. This place looks dusty... Hello, everyone! I have decided to return and show off my doodles and trickery. I have impoved since my other thread died and I hope you'll like what I have to offer. Here is my latest artwork. I hope you like it.
  10. I am working on a story that fits the image. I can link it, but it WILL contain physical brutality.
  11. Here, have a scared MaxwellHe is trying to calm himself down using his shadow arms as comfort, but it's not working.
  12. Ha cha cha! That's one handsome devil! <3The hat makes it even better!