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  1. I made an AU. The survivors are swapped. Thereforeā€¦ Swapped AU.I have yet to fully design the new Wickerbottom, Woodie and Wolfgang, they will come later. Maxwell is basicly William here so there is no need for a re-design. Try to guess who got what. Some are rather obvious. ~
  2. So. I made my own alternate universe for DS. Lets this be a hint: They are all swapped.
  3. Thanks for the comments so far. I'll provide with more fanart once I get good enough concepts!
  4. And here are my own DS characters in their Steampunk AU outfits ~
  5. It sure was. I had been trying to find my own style for years and I got it down! Thanks for the comment U//v//U
  6. I do believe this is relevant for Christmas or Krampusnacht ~
  7. Thank you U v U And yes, Wes did paint his cheeks with blood ~