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  1. Winter balancing

    Snow Rabbits, Yes. I'm really sure that Savannah Biomes are more hotter than Grasslands Give them Winter Hat and they are prepared to fite. Snowbirds are named "Snow"Birds for a reason, crows may though. or, Migrate like Birds. Frost Spiders need to be implemented. Fire types don't beat Ice types. (Pokemon). It would make sense though, and wind too... Not half-bad, good idea since Bugs freeze to death and need shelter to survive.
  2. When attacking Spider Dens, always use a TorchGrab a Spear/Tentacle SpikeAND @&!^ da siet out of it.
  3. Tallbirds never stop chasing me!

    Just use your trustySPEAR OF JUSTICEand spam-spacebar or spam-click
  4. Natural Disasters

    After 55 Days of Gathering resources and building a Homemade Pig Village followed by my Bee Boxes, I am ready to start explo-"After all of that gathering, and time consuming DAYS, RAGE-QUIT"
  5. What a sacrificer.What are you, The Bible?
  6. WX78 post winter update..

    He hates all kinds of life forms, even his Creator.(possibly)
  7. Will there ever be rainy days?

    Good idea, and creative.(Toaster Fu knows what I'm thinking)
  8. The lOFMPYTLPDS thread

    xXSlyFoxHoundXx plays Don't Starve.
  9. Hunters becoming the hunted

    Animal Fair UpdateTamable Mobs:Milk BeefaloChild HoundTeen Hound...Well Don't Starve feels too alone you know, even though it's not meant to be Multiplayer, as long we have NPC/Intelligent AI Friends, we'll be fine playing by our VIRTUAL INDIVIDUALS.
  10. Why can't we hop in the Krampus Sack?

    Krampus is a Trash Can,No wonder why Kevin said it was full of Krampus GooIt was actually acid cream with lots of Christmas Barf
  11. Erm, wait you didn't find any?That's strange, I always find batches of them in my Adventure Pig Village World.
  12. This is my favorite, favorite Post of all time,Now how do I 1+ Rep?
  13. tl;drCan you make this simple like"Mounts are more HELPFUL because ____, and _____."btw, it's funny that if the tamed mount laughs when you die and never helps you in battle.and just wanders around.Oh, I refer long texts as long pieces of wasted time, just simply shorten it so it can be a little NO hate bro just a opinon, don't want to hav to fite mano e mano becuz of dis.
  14. Maybe it'll be like a Micro-sized Paper Shredder