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  1. This is likely a result of another bug that i recently posted. Steps to reproduce were included basically if you hover over the description then go from that to hover over another item it can cause the description to stick, once you close out that menu from then on you get no description/recipe whenever hovering that particular item. You probably hover these particular items frequently causing this bug to reoccur with those particular spots.

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    GUI Item Description Sticking

    Steps to reproduce

    1) Mouseover any item on the left bar
    2) Move mouse directly right so it's over the description
    3) Move mouse up just enough to be aligned with next item up on bar
    4) Move mouse left so it's over the next item up on the bar

    Describe your issue

    Descriptions sometimes stick on your screen until you close the category they are in. Once you close that category you can't see the item's description/recipe again until you close the game and reopen it.

    Since I can't put attachment's here is a hosted screenshot of the problem: