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  1. I'm going to add my support behind leaving the Deerclops as it is. I find original posts like these irritating. Knee-jerk reactions aren't attractive. Period.
  2. So will I. There needs to be at least one mechanic in the game that generates a sense of trepidation and urgency. When I've seen people jump through the same wormhole multiple times, just because they want to farm nightmare fuel, I don't think the current implementation of insanity is providing enough of a challenge.
  3. Maybe, a washing machine could be added to the game. I just hope that insanity becomes more of an issue by next Tuesday. Also, I hope the developers let the upcoming Winter update stand, without throwing a giant Nerf ball at it the next day.
  4. You're right that people will play how they want to play; however, there are things the developers can do to encourage a certain style of play. In a word, randomization. Randomization of the world map, randomization of item drops, randomization of the effect sanity has in-game, and randomization of every other important metric in the game. My concern is this: If the game doesn't create a sense of urgency, players will play a certain way, finish the game once or twice, and then forget about it. I would think, the developers are after more than just $15 from each of us. I'd think, they want to create an enduring experience for us. There are reasons why The Binding of Isaac and Dark Souls remain so popular.
  5. There are reasons why games like Dark Souls and The Binding of Isaac remain as some of the most popular games on Are these games punishing when mistakes are made? Absolutely. Do the developers apologize for the difficulty? No. Are the mechanics made clear through experience? Yes. Does finishing each game feel like an accomplishment? Wholeheartedly, yes. The developers of Don't Starve need to set forth clear intentions for each mode of the game, and be willing not to be deterred from that vision. Do they intend a casual experience, one that encourages one, or maybe, two playthroughs? Do the developers intend to create an experience with infinite replayability, one in which frustration and accomplishment go hand-in-hand? Some combination of the two? There is no judgment. It's all just a matter of perspective. Personally, when I play Isaac, do I sometimes get frustrated? Totally. What am I frustrated by? Not the game, certainly. It's that I knew I made mistakes. After taking a break, I always try again, trying to get one floor further. I want to have this same kind of experience with Don't Starve. I've made this suggestion, and I hope the developers find it helpful.
  6. I wanted to take some time today to create an account here, and share an idea that I hope the community will find worthwhile, which might be most applicable to Adventure Mode:In an effort to create a sense of urgency regarding a player's in-game sanity, sanity items, such as garland and dapper clothing, could be set to give diminishing returns. This would mean that the player would be guaranteed to go insane if he doesn't escape the current world within a period of time. The amount of time given could be both affected by the character being used, as well as random number generation. By using a random number generator, the process of escaping the current world wouldn't become a choreographed affair, and each playthrough of Adventure Mode would remain unique. In turn, another layer of replayability would be added to the game.As the player progresses from one world to the next, he could begin with a greater chance of having less time to escape before going insane. It's my hope that the uncertainty of never knowing how much time you're given would encourage players to develop unique -- and increasingly efficient -- strategies for survival.In the event that the player does lose sanity in-game, the number, and difficulty, of the shadow monsters would be affected by the current world, whereas later worlds are more difficult. I want to thank the developers for making such a wonderful game in Don't Starve.