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  1. Ok. Sanity is alright but I think they chose a poor point to add this feature. As a Developer myself I think things like this are for when you have a mostly completed game.
  2. First I would like to thank the Devs for updating the game. It's the thought that counts. Sanity is rather interesting and made it slightly more realistic but it made the game a lot less fun. Instead of modifying a major gameplay aspect, the game is still starved of real content. Although much less fun, the Devs need to make the grind of adding more content similar to what we have. More monsters, biomes, tools, weapons, traps, resource nodes, maybe even small "dungeons". Some examples would be obsidian, working similar to flint but stronger; fruit trees that drop fruit; a desert biome with cacti or buzzards; iron ore for making some things like science machines or a certain type of tool, or possibly weapons. As far as I can tell I permanently screwed up the poll so post whether you support: [*]Staying Insane [*]Keeping Sanity but getting more updates similar to what I suggested. [*]Getting rid of Insanity.