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  1. 6153 downloads

    Criminal Girls Character Set. *This pack comes with 7 characters from the game Criminal Girls for psp. *The background pics are kind of "nsfw +18". *Each one have perks. *None of them have custom face animations.
  2. Please update your Criminal Girls "Set" mod I loved it!

  3. *open (dontstarve location)\data\scripts\prefabs\krampus.lua file, in notepad. *search for this line:(is almost at the end) inst.components.lootdropper:AddChanceLoot("krampus_sack", .01)*change the ".01" for the number you want.*save the file. ps: make a copy of the file first, just in case.
  4. The chances of getting it are really low. see: inst.components.lootdropper:AddChanceLoot("krampus_sack", .01) (1% drop chance)After farming krampus for days, i just ended up changing the rate to 50% chance.