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  1. [MENTION=10271]WrathOf[/MENTION] If took my translations, that'll not be "based" on my translations, it'll be my translations =/ [MENTION=1]JoeW[/MENTION] Do you know if the game will gain support for multiple languages? If we provide the language packs will we be remunerated or receive some prize for that? Waiting answers ;}
  2. No, don't do that please, let that thing on the legacy, I don't care about that, it's hard work? yes. But i'm throwing away that stuff, i'm sorry, no one likes to re-edit a perfect text formation, that's all gone =/
  3. I really didin't like it thought. Common forums are better than this confusing version, late bros, leaving here =/
  4. Sorry [MENTION=1]JoeW[/MENTION] but, a really liked the forums when I started posting, I imagine that I could make some mods and post here for the people, the forum was in a standard version, but this new method is different from all of the other forums and I didn't like it so much, it's confusing and strange, so I decided to let it go, I really wanted to stay, but this layout don't appreciate me so much, so... I'm going =/
  5. I'm leaving the forums, I'm sorry =/
  6. [MENTION=10271]WrathOf[/MENTION] And what about all of my text formation? I spent 30 minutes doing that, and it's not getting better than my legacy's one! Personaly, I didn't like this kind of Modding Section =/- Edit: Bad english? D=
  7. The old download section was better than this new one, it's... confusing me =/
  8. Yes it is, my translation for example, it need fixes =/
  9. I'm just remembering the people, most of them forget that exist a rep button there =/
  10. I think there's already a French Translation in the game. Go to data/scripts/mods and see inside there. But, if there's anything inside it, go to data/scripts/strings and start translating! - Helped? Rep+ Please!
  11. You can add the new lines in your script, just make a safe backup! :} - Helped? Rep+ please!
  12. Remove the trollface of the thumbnail, it's spoilers all the video hahah, good video btw!