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  1. This would be ultra creepy, it would be like a boss fight! Exciting! Would This be at night or during the day??
  2. The first time hounds attacked me, I heard them barking in the distance. It just turned night and they attacked. I had to loop around my campfire around and around until spiders came. The hounds killed the spiders without a problem but then I realized they were injured so I axed them to death.
  3. This is helpful, bug or no bug, I shall exploit it! - - - Updated - - -
  4. I lasted about a week. I played it safe because I was scared to death of the creepy crawlers
  5. I found around ten in a smaller savanna, I can't find any in extremely large savanna's. A little backwards it would seem.
  6. It would be cool if, when sanity is below 30, a chest would grow limbs and follow you, kind of like chester.
  7. It seems like there is no real reason to play adventure mode right now, there is no end, and the levels do not get more difficult, from my experiences, so I am sticking with sandbox until that complete adventure. I have high hopes for adventure though
  8. I just nomad it until I find a resource rich area. That's about it...