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  1. Awesome! Love the new powers! Love the new theme! Love everything about this update! You developers are just the best things in the universe! Keep up the good work and continue to develop this fantastic game!I think I've posted too much "Awesome game!" posts around here. I should slow down a little.
  2. What Got You To Play Don't Starve?

    Yogscast, Simon and Lewis' first play-through of this game. I just wanted it instantly because of how the game was designed and how challenging it appears to be. So I bought the game a few weeks later and loved it. I still love the game right now! Awesome job, Kevin!!
  3. Just loving the new Willow upgrades! ...I'd better stay away from my berry bushes when I go insane... o_O
  4. I just did make a poll, I had to post it so I could attach one. Oh well~
  5. Title says all. There's probably already over thousands of these type of topics, so sorry if this is just a waste of time. I mean "Achievements" as in those Steam-type ones. I don't even mind if there is or isn't any achievements. 'Nuff said.
  6. Title says it all.Just say what you think is the most worthless item in the game and why. (An item that you can hold in your inventory.)The item I think is worthless is the Tentacle Spots. They are not renewable and it only has one crafting recipe which is the Feather Hat which only restores 2 Sanity per minute and makes birds appear more often and only lasts for a total of 8 days. Meh.
  7. If WX-78 ate a whole lot of gears... Like I mean A LOT... Would there be... INTERNET!?
  8. I've got an idea or two for some characters.Wolfgang. Seeing how he is a heavy bloke, perhaps his default walk speed could be decreased just a tad bit? I mean he has a bunch of health, hunger and attack power. I know he's a "Easy-mode character" and all.Wickerbottom. She is a bit OP, seeing how she can make a bunch of good stuff at the very beginning of the game. Just to make a big turn, why not decrease her attack rate (And maybe less damage)?I don't mind what you do to the characters. Just... don't go overboard or anything. xD
  9. FIRE! FIIIIRRRREEEE~!!!!!...Ahem... I mean Willow, sir.
  10. I did manage to reach the second Chapter, but then of course, I have miserably failed yet again. I should slow down on attacking and speed up on gathering. I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts. Thanks!
  11. Adventure mode is what really kills me (In-game literally). I'm doing very well just on Sandbox mode which I'm at Day 128, but every time I enter through Maxwell's door... I just always keep dying at the very first Chapter. Mostly by Tentacles by crossing the Swamps to reach Wormholes, going insane just trying to pass those Obelisks, getting brutally ripped apart by the Deerclops or getting tortured by Hounds. I'm not asking to change the difficulty or anything like that, but I was wondering if any of you guys/gals have any really neat tips on how to survive these Chapters? Please post below if you do have any. :DRandom picture of a Deerclops killing me in Adventure Mode...
  12. No Beefaloes?

    I found some Beefaloes, finally. But, I stalled too much and ended up dying in the darkness... Oh well!
  13. No Beefaloes?

    I call the Almighty Kevin to guide me to finding the legendary Beefaloes! (...Please? )
  14. 'Ello, Ive been having problems finding Beefaloes... I cant find them anywhere at all! Is there a bug that im unsure about? Or am I not exploring enough? Ive played about 4 newly generated worlds and still no Beefaloes on the Plains biome. (Where the ground is all yellowish grass. I think its called the Plains biome...) So yeah, the question is: Is this a bug? Have they become more rare? Do they spawn on different levels on the Adventure gamemode? Or im not looking hard enough? Please respond