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  1. Thank You all for the suggestions (: . Now I can handle the dont go insane part but the dont die part from hellhounds and spider dens near your temporary camp really crewed me over right now. I recently have a world i'm exploring which looks pretty good with a HUGE savanah, but I was exploring and a tier 2 was next to my camp and im 0 health with logsuit and low hunger any suggestions what to do? xc

  2. I find this game difficult for me :( . I've had the game for three days and played and died 10 times. It's hard to keep your sanity and hunger bar up at the same time. Longest I survived was 11 days, iv'e seen some playthroughs and it seemed like they didn't have a problem surviving 50 days. Can anyone give me tips or feedback, just something that would help me survive longer because I really want to unlock the guy that gets 200 health and 15 damage or something like that xp .I'm level 2 so far by the way.