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  1. https-~~-//
  2. Oh yes I did. Thanks for the face palm idea too I'm not doing that with all my game videos, steam community Huzzah!
  3. Oh yes please do, I'm spread so thin have only recently begun to post on forums and stuff and didn't think about steam communities! Please do
  4. its an issue with the lastest release of dont starve.right now only way with fraps that works is. have fraps open alreadychange Don't Starve to windowed mode.Close dont starve & steamrelaunch don't starve.
  5. You should just keep Updating OP it makes it nice for people that come to find mods to know its updated mod, updated links, see changes. Think minecraft bukkit forums. when you google search a mod. it always comes up with the right post and the latest info is always at the top.
  6. Will be posting my Mod Series here as I show off some of the latest/best mods!
  7. Harlem Shake Don't Starve Edition! Do the Wilson Shake! http-~~-// Made possible by the mod by 'clockwork' Enjoy! Don't forget to at least hit the Like button if you don't subscribe!
  8. Of course! That goes without saying, I thought Will let ya know when I get to them.
  9. Hello Modders!I would love to test out/show off your best mods through a YouTube video or during my livestream! I get a few hundred views on my DS videos on average and somewhere around 30 - 40 right now during my livestream.Respond to this post if you'd like to me check out your mod (or I may just lurk through all the posts and pick some myself) It seems it will be easier to turn them on and off sometime in the near future but I didn't want to wait til then to reach out or start making some videos about them.Thanks!