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  1. O thank you :3. Yes I did go through a portal because I heard walrus huts didn't spawn if I did not go to a new world
  2. Do swamp lakes freeze over in the winter preventing you from getting a source of fish?also O_o is this a bug?
  3. Did this update allow us to keep them once fully grown? i thought I read that somewhere was, hope it was true.Also I wanted to talk about how they should implement commands like stay, follow basic things to prevent it from following me into a swamp and repeatedly attacking tenticals once it reaches teen bird stage as well as not getting one shotted by hounds and such due to it wanting to protect me but I feel I might be asking to much xD. I believe the commands should be introduced when teen bird stage starts as I wouldn't assume a new born would follow orders right off the bat. Maybe I am being to nit picky but I hate seeing them die when it could have been avoided :s.