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  1. Thanks for all the great responses everyone.My main issue is that the new system seems like it overrides the hunger system unless you have been playing a while and know that you should build certain clothes to completely nullify it. So really it just seems like an anti-newb or pointless learning curve for new players until they go on the wiki/forums (I thought the point was to figure out the game without having to look things up) and learn that certain clothes/recipes make the new meter an non-issue.Also with the new map generation - -There are a lot more pigmen and pig houses (basically with signs that say "go on a killing spree here") and I haven't found the king nearly as much-These pigmen have gardens with a ton of carrots and berries together so the whole time you're wondering "Where is the starving challenge?"-The dimensional teleporter, it's parts, and chester seem all too easy to find now.Going insane is a cool concept for someone starving, sure. I just think the way it's resolved is through tedium(picking flowers and putting them back down), teching a certain way (going for silk clothes or a bee farm), or using your resources on things you don't want to (bed rolls) and i usually do most of my sciencing at night so that's not cool at all. This seems to drastically limit the open-ended "survive however you can" by "building what you can with what resources are available" aspects of the game and encourage a plan to get all this stuff from the beginning. All this stuff encourages people to look up game mechanics and like i said, this game should be fun without doing that.Basically I think the new system shouldn't have so much control on how you start the game. It should be learnable without a wiki like it was so you could get a girlfriend or someone to play it and even if they die they would want to start again immediately knowing what they could do to make more food, and not saying "which of these clothes causes my brain bar to shrink slower". I also like my Doppelganger idea a lot because if you go to 0 sanity it would be a situation that is a lot funner to deal with than say, certain doom. If you kill him you would get all of your sanity back because you destroyed your alter ego and would be immune to sanity loss for the day so you could go on a spider nest killing spree(I also think punishing the player for killing spiders is really weak).
  2. Things i have issues with- Foods that restore sanity and foods that don't: This makes some foods more desirable than others so you end up running around from the start until you find bees and rabbit holes. We all know what the title of the game is - any food should be good food. The map generator now makes carrot fields and berry patches trivializing the starving aspect and only focusing on the insanity portion. Picking flowers and catching butterflies is everyone's new job: Personally i liked having flowers around my house and not feeling required to pick them all up just to burn them or even worse throw them back down on the ground. Gamers can enjoy mindless things but please don't ask us to pick flowers and put them back because our inventory is getting crowded. Where's the love for the darkness?: my favorite part of this game was getting everything i wanted gathered with 2 torches. Night time dung and twigs gathering spree? you betcha. Now, sleeping through the crafting portion of my day is encouraged and there is a little hand that loves swatting fires while my scientist just wants to sit back, craft, and contemplate his next move. More things, same amount of time in the day: I can no longer gather in the dark if i sleep through it (also things in the edge of the campfire's light radius, like trees are penalized for gathering with greater sanity loss), I have to pick flowers, I can no longer freely use wormholes. These things add up to movement/crafting restrictions and ultimately large restrictions on the time you have to gather and what. This could have been the objective of this patch sure, at least somewhat, but the way it has been done is so anti-fun I don't even want to play again when i die. How it is now and what it could be: 1. No one likes camera shake, especially if you're going to be replaying this game a lot you don't want your screen constantly making you nauseous. Borders that close in the more "severe" a condition gets like getting shot in Call of Duty and not being able to see because your screen is a giant red sphincter(in this case a shaky black one) are never cool. 2. If I were to go insane that wouldn't cause demons to appear and thirst for my blood. I propose a doppelganger is spawned when insanity reaches 0 that has access to the weapons and armor you do(in your chest/chester/inventory), has the same hunger, but has max life and makes his way to your camp. If you're hungry he will probably try to kill you for your food, if you are full he may have useful things to trade for or he may just take a seat next to the fire and chat your ear off. I was also thinking that if you were to bribe him with meat before he attacked you he'd behave like a pigman but may also turn on you when your hp is low and/or he is hungry. 3. Sweets for Sanity. In keeping with the theme of all food is good food and making some foods more desirable is a bad idea, there should be craft-able charms, like garden gnomes that increase sanity recovery rate around them that can be built anywhere like a science machine. Personally i don't like the insanity meter at all but those are some ideas on how to make it more of a background objective that doesn't override the hunger objective. I feel like the beginning of the game is the perfect balance of learn-able/difficult/fun(without insanity). Any additional monster dangers should be related to end-game imo. Basically as Soon as you figure out how you want the combat of the final boss to go you break down his moves and give them out separately to mini-bosses to prepare the player to fight the last guy. Like... if the boss had a move where he puts down a circle on the ground and teleports to it two seconds later and does an attack similar to a tentacle attack when he gets there a mini-boss would be made around that type of attack. Heck put a shadow dog mini-boss in if you like em so much. More mythical creatures that you have to work to find like some of the ones in the game now are always a good idea. That's what I think, although I have a feeling it's going to be an unpopular opinion lemme know what you guys think.