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  1. Battletoads, Athena, Ninja Gaiden, TMNT... none of these NES games are hard. If you want to reference hard games look to LJN games.
  2. I'm also interested in Waverly because the game needs MOAR magic.
  3. Well, I'd rather see Wilton(Unlocks upon certain number of deaths), Wallace(unlocks upon sanity loss or neutral mobs kill number), Woodie(some type of tree related update) or Winnie(caves and horrible monsters) before anyone else since the files are already there.
  4. On the bright side, perhaps Mandrakes have been increased in number in game.Only time will tell.
  5. Are you taunting the developers to make them buff the difficulty of the game? :3
  6. I was there. Dealing with a Koalafant is different than dealing with a Beefalo. The attack is different in timing and animation and range. Cornering one is a pain in the butt and taking a hit from one is bad news. I don't know if he took one down before, but I will say if he didn't and was telling a fib that whole experience was new to him.It could have just been a series of unfortunate events for him.
  7. Dealing with a Koalafant is different than dealing with a Beefalo, kiting or otherwise.
  8. He tried to crockpot it, and it wouldn't go in.
  9. This needs to be on the front page again.
  10. Mimes make the best demon nightmare fuel if you think about it.
  11. They can show up at higher sanity. Be warned.
  12. Step #1 Download SteamStep #2 Install SteamStep #3 Setup Steam as Steam directs you.Step #4 Search for Don't StarveStep #5 Purchase with a Credit or Debit CardStep #6 Allow Steam to install Don't StarveStep #7 Play Don't StarveStep #8 Don't Starve
  13. I don't even know or care who that is. The point is, it is fine to ask a question regardless of the circumstances.
  14. Seriously, that shadow hand is suffering from tunnel vision in that picture.
  15. I like this more than what has been proposed.
  16. My concern is that it seems like the logic is going: Everyone seems to be doing this, so do that to prevent everyone from doing this. How about instead: Some people are doing that while others do that, so perhaps do this and that to adjust that. Do you get my logic here?
  17. It seems like people who are taking advantage of how easy the system is now are in turn causing the developers to make the game harder for everyone else. While I normally would not take issue with this I feel that in the rush to balance some things need to be considered before action is taken. In all of my runs through the game I have never made more than one bee box out of my numerous bases. Perhaps, instead of taking so many punitive measures, a system could be put in place with more focus on preventing too many bee boxes from being made, instead of slowing down production, creating random bee fights and lowering values, etc? It seems like this may get close to overkill with all of the suggestions being made in this thread. Have you given thought to the people who only use one bee box? Please remember to look at the issue from all angles. I am fine with changes, but changes need to be balanced from all points of view.
  18. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Infinite Meat & Hound Pathing Steps to reproduce Get a stack of meat. Let it go stale or spoiled. Rapidly try to combine it with a fresh piece of meat and it will refresh both stacks to nearly full green. Hounds don't apply pathing correctly when trying to gather meat on the ground. Describe your issue Instead of taking an average, meat that is rapidly combined with a spoiling stack will continue to refresh itself. It would seem to need to be a full stack for this process to be able to work as an exploit instead of simply applying the average. Hounds still have pathing issues when meat is placed on the ground and they spawn in for attack.
  19. The point is to be able to creep past things without engaging them.
  20. I build one big base and a number of smaller ones. I am nomadic and will spend time in certain areas to gather certain materials rather than bring everything to one base. I enjoy exploring and testing out all aspects of the game. I play it as if it were a beta, I try to discover issues and exploits and such. I'm also not afraid to die. It's a core part of the game.
  21. I sincerely hope the sanity system doesn't get a massive nerf due to people complaining that they can't simply ignore it and continue their old strategies. There really isn't much at all that needs tuning aside from the nightmare creatures perhaps.