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  1. I've played the game a couple of days, and some ideas come up my mind:- Changeable weather and climateMaybe it will be more fun sometimes raining from sky and make the crops grow faster by the drop of the rain, some region, for example, in the sand, maybe it appears a small tornado wandering within a specified region, when our character enter it, he will be thrown to a random area of map and cause slight damage. NPCs (such as pigman and other animals or monster) will act to the different weather. sometime we got a big pour of rain, pigmen will running their home for shelter, rabbits will rush to their holes. If homeless pigman wandering in the snow, he may play a trembling emotion or sneezing - Highlighten the objects that covered by trees, stones or something like thatI open miss my log when i cut down a tree that spawned quite close to another tree, and behind it like a naughty boy- Mini map presented on the left top of the screen to avoid getting lostI always lost my way to the camp in the darken deep woods, when i press tab to open the big map, the game actually pause, the poor memory drive me open map frequently even move the character a little bit more.Hey, I also a gameplay coder, i dont know if is it easy for those system in your current architecture, maybe we had better not to use particle system to implement rain drop effects, it is not good in performance . just create a box, generate rain drops ( 2 triangles per drop ) with different height and density, merge them into on mesh. Spawn boxes, around the camera and move them from top to bottom, its quite a good performance and well effect.Hope those suggestions is helpful to you, I really like this game and hope you make the game even betterThank you for reading this.