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  1. I think both are a bit too easy. Go back to the old system, but instead of carrying points over from game to game, you have to start over each time. It's more challenging to find things/ graves to get science points than to just build machines and be done with it.
  2. I've just had this same problem, I had 3 meat effigies in 3 different places just in case, but the hounds are so fast they found me before i could even break out of each. I had one that was across the biome from the last one so, I had enough time to get out, but I was dead within seconds as i'd dropped my weapon and had no time to make/ run to camp and grab a new one before the hounds were on me again. Maybe make the breakout animation an actual cut-scene rather than occurring within the game and re-spawn the player with at least their equipped items still intact, or in the case of hounds, poof the existing hounds and start the player from the hound warning stage. Or, to make it really interesting an add some challenge to the game, you can make it so each meat effigy can only revive you back to the state the world was in when you created it, so it has the benefit of reviving you in a state of safety (swarm of treegaurds/ hounds/ insanity monsters/ spider queens that killed you are gone), but you run the risk of having a lot of your stuff ret-goned.