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  1. Two things: First of all, I found a teleporter piece right next to where I spawned. Not only that, but I went into a wormhole and found a teleporter on the other side of the map! The pieces must have been scattered all over now. this makes for some great exploration!
  2. I started up the new update, and found that the key I normally use to bring up the steam overlay ("Page Down") crashes the game every time I press it. I swapped the key for the overlay, and everything is fine now... though, it's still kinda weird that Don't Starve has a self-destruct button.EDIT: It appears PgDn does more than crash the game on the menu; it actually toggles winter in-game!EDIT 2: Nope, game must have been patched, because it doesn't do that anymore
  3. For the past few weeks, the forums were always complaining about the difficulty being too hard or too easy. I always assumed such a problem would be inevitable; I mean, how could one dev. team tackle a problem like pleasing everyone? This new custom sandbox mode has the potential to do just that. Think there's too much food? No problem. Think winter is too long? Feel free to shorten it. Just imagine; soon, even the most childish and ridiculous needs for this game could be fulfilled... except for multiplayer, of course. People will still complain about that ;_;
  4. ... Can I keep him? While I'm playing in unmodded Sandbox, this little guy has been following me wherever I go. His movement is kinda cute, in a glitchy sort of way. What should I name him?
  5. ...Can I keep him?The poor guy is stuck in some sort of loop... He keeps running to me, only to turn around and run away until he's out of my peripheral. Once he's out, he decides to run back. I dunno if I want him to keep doing this XD
  6. Neat! I thought it was a bug...If you look in the upper right corner, there's another entire tile of berry bushes XD
  7. Hello! Found this while playing the latest update, and since I couldn't find anything like it on the fourms, I thought I would create an account and share it. For those wondering, I was playing on Sandbox when I found this.