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  1. there is no bug, your dupe is suffocating because the pressure of oxygen is too low to be breatheable.
  2. that's true. they seem to be unsure whether to use the colors to signal the breathability in general or to color the different gases. so in this case it is dark blue because it is still oxygen and therefor "breathable" in general even if it is "unbreathable" because of low pressure. they would have to change the color of hydrogen to red, because at this time it is used for the color for "barely breathable". they also would have to change contaminated oxygen to green or something because it may be "toxic", but it is still "breathable"... they should overthink their color overlay and i guess they will at some point.
  3. still, air pressure is too low to breathe. gases do not flood the rooms as fast as they wood irl.
  4. it clearly sais in the tooltip, that the pressure is too low to be breathable. as you dug up you caused sand to fall down and block the flow of breathable oxygen, of course your dupe suffocates. try breathe in a sealed room without air
  5. Game ran fine until like day 280, only noticable thing that may be connected to the bug is that i trapped a Puft to farm slime. After some time it simply was gone. I had 3 of them flying around, now there's only 1 left. Since then the game keeps on crashing at different points, sometimes it takes 5 minutes after loading, sometimes less then 1. I will start a new game and see if this happens again. SimDLL_CRASH_release_207167_20170222-10.1227.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_207167_20170222-16.5641.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_207167_20170222-17.3105.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_207167_20170222-17.3622.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_207167_20170222-17.3738.dmp