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  1. Insanity is about your mind fighting you every step of the way. The only way to truly replicate this would be to have the game take the place of your mind. The game has to screw with you, confuse you, frustrate you. (But not TOO much, or the game might become unplayable). So we'll think of small things that will make you slam your face on your keyboard, but make you laugh at the same time.
  2. Okay, you're confusing me. Let me clarify what I mean.>Shovel in my inventory>Going insane>My shovel now looks like a pickaxe>Description says something like "...?">Still works like a shovel>Looks like a pickaxe
  3. .. from the players perspective, theirs really no difference. x)
  4. When your sanity is below 20 every single inanimate object in the game should gain googly eyes
  5. Well I'm not saying it would happen all the time. It'd have to be rare-ish as to avoid the players complete attention. Something that makes the player go "... I thought I... hmmm..." I don't want the chest disappearing very far, just like.. a half a tile or so away from where it was. Small things that make you glare at your screen is suspicion. Maybe only a couple items from nearby chests would be swapped around.
  6. At low level/medium level sanity, imagine something like this:If there are multiple chests near each other, every few minutes items inside will be randomly moved between the chests without the player being notified.While off screen, chests will move to a random nearby location close to their original location. When the player confronts the mischievous chest, it will slide back to it's normal spot.Every so often when opening a chest, every item slot will be replaced with beard hairs. When you attempt to remove it from the chest, it will revert to the item it replaced.At low level insanity, all tools randomly swap functions with another. Now my shovel cuts down trees, my hammer digs up turf, my pitchfork breaks rocks and my pickaxe shaves my face. If such things were to be implemented, the devs shouldn't tell us.