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  1. I don't understand the hype and fanboyism over deerclops.Then again, I'm 32 years old and quite cynical.
  2. Proof that the game is still several orders of magnitude too easy.
  3. Why not just use a torch? It's a club... that's on FIRE!
  4. 1. Willow 2. Make torch 3. Find large, dense forest. (bonus if spiders or pigs living there) 4. Proceed to have !!!FUN!!!
  5. Better yet, I've got an Xbox Kinect hooked up via USB, running FAAST middleware. Still working out the specifics but basically, my right hand controls the mouse, my left hand controls a few keys, head tilting and leaning can cover a few more, body rotation, jumping, etc... I can starve to death without even getting near my computer.Maybe I shouldn't even mention voice recognition... hehe. "Wilson, you could use a shave."
  6. I think it's really not necessary for the developers to spend their time and resources on gamepad support.There are a multitude of tools out there that allow for custom gamepad setups for any game. I am currently using an app called DS3Tool with a cheap generic Gigaware USB gamepad that I picked up at Radio Shack for $15 (basically a PS2 controller). I've got WASD mapped to the D-Pad, mouse axis mapped to the analog sticks, 10 buttons for the hotbar, one for left click, and one for rotating the view angle. It works out pretty nicely.In my opinion, I'd rather the devs put their resources towards content than features that we could implement on our own.