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  1. Puzzle Thread

    Was curious about this too, no where was this in the game. It doesnt fit the art style of the game itself either. Also the child has Wilsons hair?
  2. The Screecher

    Dude when i saw that in the mod folder, I actually thought he was in the room with me. Not cool man not cool. Making me relive this.
  3. The Screecher

    Scary Also yes stream is done. I went through it 3 times. One time regular play. 2nd time i collected all the notes, ending did not change. 3rd time i tried to screen cap the monster, failed horribly. lol
  4. Puzzle Thread

    http://www.twitch.tv/darkenspirit streaming some of it for a bit.
  5. The Screecher

    http://www.twitch.tv/darkenspirit Streaming now
  6. The Screecher

    I figured since it was the featured thing that came with the official patch it would be okay to discuss here. Anyways, I'll move it then. Also the mod forums are slow I figured we could have more lively discussion about this thriller of a game here since I know ALL OF YOU WILL AT LEAST BE CURIOUS ENOUGH TO TRY IT ONCE SINCE IT CAME WITH THE OFFICIAL GAME
  7. The Screecher

    Oh my god! Anyways, Discuss this awesome mod here! I played through it 3 times now and died all three times. I cant figure out yet how exactly to avoid the screecher. I have tried: 1. Running away from it 2. Turning off the light and running away from it 3. Turning off the light and standing still All three times cause me to eventually die. I believe it has something to do with the music in the background on when its safe to turn on the light again. The thing does hate it when you stare though...
  8. There is no set date, its a random chance to spawn in an area where you have traveled to before.
  9. Have you checked the bug tracker forum? Every bug gets looked at. So unless you specify which bugs you want fixed and actually submit them yourself, you have no room to point fingers about priorities. I dont think you understand what it means to have a development team. You have a few guys set to make new content and you have a few guys set to fix bugs. Thats how it is here and if you looked at the bug tracking forum you would see there is a separate team that handles it. Buggy Zone is because this game isnt finished yet. When the DLC is done they will have wrapped up all the bugs that is inherent with the default game. The game isnt finished!
  10. yes googling Minos Clopper gets you thrown into a world of bad. Clop in general has uh... very specific undertones.
  11. Don't Starve On App Store Pls!

    Hmmm from a developer perspective Dont Starve itself has to have been programmed with this in mind for it to happen. You may or may not know but Apple has its own developer IDK and package. Unlike the Android which has a lot of different OS options. Apple currently has only 2 IDE choices, iOS SDK which was part of Xcode and now Appcode by JetBrains. I am not sure what the iOS coding is like but the Appcode runs on object C. Considering Dont Starve is programmed in Lua, there could be a huge issue with translation. On top of that, the Apple environment is incredibly closed sandbox like scenarios. Unlike Android, Dont Starve would have to develop all external service calls internally and that could be very demanding if they used a lot of them. Lastly, the rights and agreements between the two. Unlike Chrome and Android, Apply has very very restrictive policies to getting Apps into the live store. Code cannot be shown at all, you need multiple signatures from Apple such as device signature certificates, author, developer, and app ID. Apple also requires a constant 99 USD per year to keep your app in store, if you do not extend it, it is removed. Android however is a one time fee of 25 USD. Lastly and most importantly for Dont Starve, updates. the closed Apple system and the need for signatures would make updating a headache. Ontop of that they might not even get to add in all the features they want. Maybe some touchscreen scenarioes are not possible, maybe some Lua programming fails in translation and requires weeks of changes and editing. Either way, its not IMPOSSIBLE but too much damn work when Mac users can just install steam and buy it there. Also developing for android is no ease either. The many different versions of Android out there, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat etc makes it impossible to have consistent reliability of the program itself.
  12. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    So I tried again for adventure since my last game ended horribly because I didnt see the little node to which you stick the divining rod into and this happened as soon as Maxwell said, lets make this a little more difficult...Uncompromising indeed...http://i.imgur.com/TvQCOxY.jpg
  13. Spider Hat

  14. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    What do you mean? Bring the divining rod to it? It doesnt activate it still.
  15. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    I had a bug.I found all 4 pieces of the thing.I stuck them all the Wooden Thing.All the pieces were there but it didnt activate. I clicked on it and my character said "Something Else is Missing"What else is there?Crank, Box, Ring, Potato all placed upon the wooden thing right?What else is needed?I was in "King of Winter"I was running low on supplies so I made a last ditch effort to escape. I killed all the machines around the device but there were 2 mctusk camps nearby. I couldnt kill them so I dodged them for a bit as I assembled the device.Put all 4 pieces on the wooden thing but it would not activate. I soon died to swarms of dogs.:(Just went into a new adventure level and used DebugSpawn to spawn all the pieces and tried it on the wooden thing. Still same thing. "Something is Missing" the device does not activate.