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  1. Was curious about this too, no where was this in the game. It doesnt fit the art style of the game itself either. Also the child has Wilsons hair?
  2. Dude when i saw that in the mod folder, I actually thought he was in the room with me. Not cool man not cool. Making me relive this.
  3. Scary Also yes stream is done. I went through it 3 times. One time regular play. 2nd time i collected all the notes, ending did not change. 3rd time i tried to screen cap the monster, failed horribly. lol
  4. http://www.twitch.tv/darkenspirit streaming some of it for a bit.
  5. http://www.twitch.tv/darkenspirit Streaming now
  6. I figured since it was the featured thing that came with the official patch it would be okay to discuss here. Anyways, I'll move it then. Also the mod forums are slow I figured we could have more lively discussion about this thriller of a game here since I know ALL OF YOU WILL AT LEAST BE CURIOUS ENOUGH TO TRY IT ONCE SINCE IT CAME WITH THE OFFICIAL GAME
  7. Oh my god! Anyways, Discuss this awesome mod here! I played through it 3 times now and died all three times. I cant figure out yet how exactly to avoid the screecher. I have tried: 1. Running away from it 2. Turning off the light and running away from it 3. Turning off the light and standing still All three times cause me to eventually die. I believe it has something to do with the music in the background on when its safe to turn on the light again. The thing does hate it when you stare though...
  8. There is no set date, its a random chance to spawn in an area where you have traveled to before.
  9. Have you checked the bug tracker forum? Every bug gets looked at. So unless you specify which bugs you want fixed and actually submit them yourself, you have no room to point fingers about priorities. I dont think you understand what it means to have a development team. You have a few guys set to make new content and you have a few guys set to fix bugs. Thats how it is here and if you looked at the bug tracking forum you would see there is a separate team that handles it. Buggy Zone is because this game isnt finished yet. When the DLC is done they will have wrapped up all the bugs that is inherent with the default game. The game isnt finished!
  10. yes googling Minos Clopper gets you thrown into a world of bad. Clop in general has uh... very specific undertones.
  11. Ah I see what you are saying in all of your post. And yea I do understand better now that maybe it is infact the individual foods needing tweaking.I think what I am getting at is, individual changes probably wont have significant impact but the its the impact of everything happening at once that drives the player engagement.I mentioned in the other thread where Greed was talking about monster avoidance how maybe having spiders (which in my opinion are literally at your convenience monsters) can be made more dangerous late game by having the ability to build dens on their own and expand their presence. The watering and tending weeds to the farm plots is a very good idea. Im thinking back to Harvest moon a little bit on the SNES where theres advancement and random events. Maybe thats the answer to engaging players more as they sink into the end game is to have events that are repeatable or continue to become more challenging. (global monster health increase as time passes?)No one said Maxwell was playing fair! (Im looking at you maxwell traps >_>)At the rate the game has been going however I will probably be more than pleased with hte final result come end of Apr.
  12. Tweaking yes!I think the most important balancing thing we can add is maybe marginally decreasing returns to eating the same food over and over.Example, you eat Cooked or Regular carrots exclusively and eventually it reaches the point where the carrots do not give you anything at all in terms of hunger replenishment. This has an invisible counter that slowly returns the food back to its original power only after a long period of time where the character does not eat it. This makes it so players cannot: - Horde one food, Morsels or Monster meat and Candy.- Make players eat variety regularly meaning more food could possibly spoil and require better management.- Causes the food spoilage mechanic to actually affect the players more dynamically.I imagine early game players are eating Carrots, Berries and Morsels in rotation. Once those has run out of its marginal benefit, players will have to shift towards crock pot recipes, farm plots for different foods and rotate between those varieties OR just be forced to go out and stock up way more.This makes space more precious, makes the player have more things to do and puts the starve back in DONT STARVE!
  13. Now now Mobius, we've seen the code :PGrue is referred to as "Charlie" in the code actually!(coincidentally that is my real name)(no seriously, its a coincidence)>_>
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72874 Issue title Saved Files Reverting to Unknown (MINOR) Steps to reproduce Have two saved files. One adventure One sandbox Delete the sandbox saved file. Click Play. Adventure saved file is now titled Unknown. Describe your issue Deleting a Sandbox saved file caused my other Adventure file to show as an Unknown Saved data file. Loading the unknown file works fine and brings back the information but just an FYI.