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  1. I'm sorry to ask this question again, but, is there anybody know how to make items (in inventory) give out light? I copied some code from the heat stone but it cannot work. And, where can I find the function "AddLight()"?Thanks!

    [MENTION=52919]Ruby~~[/MENTION], I have not seen an inventory item give off light (if that's what you're talking about). I don't think it's even possible.If it's just a regular object/prefab on the ground or in use, use this code in the prefab:
        local light = inst.entity:AddLight()    light:SetIntensity(INTENSITY)    light:SetRadius(2)    light:SetColour(255/255, 255/255, 1/255)    light:Enable(true)

  2. [ATTACH]11275[/ATTACH]

    For some reason, the archive does not appear after I upload it.

    [MENTION=39960]mitboy[/MENTION], have you read this tutorial >> ?

    Your log file won't show anything about uploading a mod.

    If you're having these kinds of troubles uploading and downloading, you really need to study the tutorials and forum threads on the site first, to learn how all this works.

  3. how do you download a mod I have a windows 7 laptop. I download mods from the mod section and it goes to my download file and then I open it but after that I have no idea what to do next.....

    [MENTION=5291]novamouy17[/MENTION], [MENTION=65394]catnanners[/MENTION], download your mod, find your mod directory (dont_starve\mods), double-click the download zip/rar file, DRAG the enclosed mod directory to dont_starve\mods.

    That's it. Run the game and go into the Mod loader screen and 'enable' the mod.

    More reading if you run into trouble >>

  4. Getting closer: The anim files that are actually named consistently (hound, build = hound, bank = hound) work great (see image).

    function self.entitySpinner:OnChanged(data)this.working.entityPrefab = datathis:UpdateSelectedEntity()self.image = self:AddChild(Image("data/images/ui.xml", "portrait_bg.tex"))self.image:SetPosition(115,-325,0)require("uianim")local my_anim = self:AddChild(UIAnim(data))my_anim:GetAnimState():SetBank(data)my_anim:GetAnimState():SetBuild(data)my_anim:GetAnimState():PlayAnimation("idle")my_anim:SetPosition(115,-325,0)
    others like krampus, manrabbit, monkey (and about 70% of the rest) follow no naming convention that I can predict.If I understand how these entities are placed, their name is their LUA file and from there, the correct info is grabbed. Makes it very hard to place an image from those ANIM files when their names vary from the LUA name...If the ANIM file could be derived from the LUA file for my purposes....

  5. [MENTION=55]Ipsquiggle[/MENTION], et all, is there a way to pull an image out of an anim .zip and display in a Child(Image... ?Here's what I'm using in Test Tools to show a preview of the inventory items and it works perfect:(first image is a frame image)

    function self.itemSpinner:OnChanged(data)this.working.itemPrefab = datathis:UpdateSelectedItem()self.image = self:AddChild(Image("data/images/ui.xml", "portrait_bg.tex"))self.image:SetPosition(115,-250,0)self.image = self:AddChild(Image("data/images/inventoryimages.xml", data.. ".tex"))self.image:SetPosition(115,-250,0)
    but how to get a static image out of the anim files to do the same (and of course the naming convention of the files varies all over the place too)?
    function self.entitySpinner:OnChanged(data)this.working.entityPrefab = datathis:UpdateSelectedEntity()self.image = self:AddChild(Image("data/images/ui.xml", "portrait_bg.tex"))self.image:SetPosition(115,-325,0)self.image = self:AddChild(Image("data/anim/" ..data.. "_build.zip", data.. ".tex"))self.image:SetPosition(115,-325,0)end

  6. hey y'all, I bought my copy at gog.com, and i don't know how to update it. any advice?

    How do I update the game? I can't seem to find the update. Please help. I'm new to this.

    Running the updater in the 16 directory creates an updater in a 17 directory. Running the updater in the 17 directory creates an 18 directory. Running THAT updater will update your game. (don't ask me why all the directories and why you have to do it all manually)C:\Program Files\GOG game or something\DontStarve\updater\16

  7. That is not true.

    all 3 of my mods work with the Powers update

    just comment out all the mods in modsettings.lua

    then when you start the game click the mod button at the bottom

    of the screen and enable them

    Then your mods were not using .tex files which some mods do not, however the majority of them do which is why I stated that.

    Yeah i know i probably should have said only mods

    that don't use tex files will have a chance of compatibility.

    I think they've loosened up on what runs with the update. Everything would crash in preview mode if it wasn't updated.

  8. My game crash in the initialization.I Can't play the public preview too. =(Steam version.

    the new mod enableing screen just crashes my game

    [MENTION=60229]mguitti[/MENTION], [MENTION=13108]owenvv2[/MENTION],If you have ANY mods that are not updated to 'Powers', your game will crash. You'll need to clear out any old mods and update them.

    has eneyone else got the new update yet? it still sais "next build iminate" yea its stupid

    [MENTION=40250]luca101[/MENTION],Steam or stand alone?Steam, right click game > properties > verify game filesStand alone, go to the 'updater' folder and into the 17 folder. Run updater. This creates a new '18' folder. Run THAT updater and you'll be updated to the latest version of DS.

  9. There's 5 different kinds of skeletons so you'd have to specify which one you want (it pulls from an animation file). This is from the skeleton.lua file:

    local animstates = {1, 3, 4, 5, 6}local function onsave(inst, data)	data.anim = inst.animnumendlocal function onload(inst, data)	if data then		if data.anim then			inst.animnum = data.anim			inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle"..inst.animnum)		end	endend

    Okay, so I'm trying to replace this part of the 'onfinishcallback' function (inside of mound.lua)

    local ghost = SpawnPrefab("ghost")

    with this

    local ghost = SpawnPrefab("skeleton")

    Could anyone give me some advice on how to do that inside of my warmond.lua prefab? Basically, instead of spawning a ghost, if you're Wilton, it will spawn a skeleton instead.

    [MENTION=10028]tehMugwump[/MENTION] Do you know how that could be achieved, or where I could find an example? I've got my mod working properly, but this addition confuses me. If not, no hard feelings! Just hoping somebody more experienced than myself could give me help (that will make it easier to add other things in the future).

  10. Aren't the inventory images supposed to be in "images/inventoryimages/rhammo.xml"?

    This was stated, but I'm not sure if it can just be in inventoryimages if you've called out the path.

    Also, I had to have this in the actual prefab to get the image to show in the inventory bar (in my mod):


    inst.components.inventoryitem.atlasname = "images/inventoryimages/skeletonrod.xml"

    I got a problem

    even i do everything as you say

    function handgun()local rhammo = GLOBAL.Recipe("rhammo", { Ingredient("slurtle_shellpieces", 3), Ingredient("flint", 6), Ingredient("gunpowder", 2) }, RECIPETABS.MAGIC, 0)local srhammo = GLOBAL.Recipe("srhammo", { Ingredient("rhammo", 1), Ingredient("silk", 12), Ingredient("spidergland", 6) }, RECIPETABS.MAGIC, 0)rhammo.atlas = "inventoryimages/rhammo.xml"srhammo.atlas = "inventoryimages/srhammo.xml"endAddGamePostInit(handgun)

  11. I got around my problem by giving up and using an alternate, existing texture in the hud.tex file for the extra backpack equip slot. :disturbed:One thing I've noticed about this last update is that 1.) there are far fewer folks even attempting mods and 2.) those of us that are left cannot figure a lot of this hud/map stuff out without the dev's help.I will say, however, that I absolutely love the new mod load screen/process.

    Let me know if you manage to fix it [MENTION=10028]tehMugwump[/MENTION], good luck! :)Another odd problem has popped up: I am no longer able to override terrain.lua or terrain_types.lua files by having my own terrain.lua or terrain_types.lua file sitting in "modname/scripts/map"I even put deliberate syntax errors in my terrain.lua file, and the game didn't crash on worldgen, so the games is not referencing it at all.I altered line 101 of the main directories terrain.lua to:

    local TERRAIN_TYPES = require "map/terrain_types2"
    and got the following error:
    DoLuaFile Error: ...apps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/map/terrain.lua:101: module 'map/terrain_types2' not found:	no file 'data/scripts/map/terrain_types2.lua' (checked with custom loader)	no file 'data/scriptlibs/map/terrain_types2.lua' (checked with custom loader)	no field package.preload['map/terrain_types2']	no file 'data\scripts\map/terrain_types2.lua'	no file 'data\scriptlibs\map/terrain_types2.lua'	no file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\bin\lualib\map/terrain_types2.dll'
    Does this mean that its not checking the mod paths at all?

  12. I'm working through the same issue with the background image for backpacks when loaded (in the inventory equip bar):WARNING! Could not set texture: 'images/equip_slot_back.tex' from atlas 'data/images/hud.xml'This also involves hover text which isn't working either (in my case).The image loading has been drastically changed and has broken everything. Most things have been fixable, but this still alludes me...

    Hey [MENTION=55]Ipsquiggle[/MENTION], got another one for you: prefabs with custom textures do not show up in the crafting tab when they are ingredients. I have the atlases in the ingredient prefabs, and they show up on the inventory bar, just not in the crafting tab. I check my log and found these warning messages:

    WARNING! Could not set texture: 'bearclaws.tex' from atlas 'data/images/inventoryimages.xml'
    So while you set the atlas for recipes, can you set the image paths for ingredient?---EDIT: Found the answer to my own question: nope.In crafting.lua, the ingredient atlas is locally defined. Starting from line 432 of crafting.lua:
    local inventory_atlas = resolvefilepath("data/images/inventoryimages.xml")        for k,v in pairs(recipe.ingredients) do                    local has, num_found = owner.components.inventory:Has(v.type, v.amount)                        local ing = self.contents:AddChild(IngredientUI(inventory_atlas, v.type..".tex", v.amount, num_found, has, STRINGS.NAMES[string.upper(v.type)], owner))            ing:SetPosition(Vector3(offset, 80, 0))            offset = offset + (w+ div)            self.ing[k] = ing        end
    I'd need to override the script I think.

  13. Well, [MENTION=8791]debugman18[/MENTION], that's some pretty hefty "I just needs" right there! You're basically looking for someone to write most of the mod for you, sorry to say... :hypnotized:Also, I'm afraid most everyone has their hands full trying to get existing mods working with the new system...:nightmare:

    This worked perfectly, thanks. I got respawning working by using the code from the CampRes mod, but I'm running into some issues with it.If anyone could tell me how I could go about doing the following:a. Removing hunger meter when the current character is Wilton. (And moving the sanity meter to the left of the health meter.)b. Having the respawn functions only work if the current character is Wilton.c: Destroy skeletons that you respawn from, with lightning. (No infinite respawns.)d: Load Wilton's preexisting strings.e: Should be a chance for Wilton to dig up a skeleton when he's digging a grave.I just need to know how I can achieve those, and my mod should be set. (Aside from perhaps some tuning changes.) Thanks for those of you who have donated their assistance. [MENTION=10028]tehMugwump[/MENTION] [MENTION=55]Ipsquiggle[/MENTION] Could either of you possibly lend me some assistance?

  14. Depends how exactly you mean to reference them.At the most fundamental level, it's about the Image() constructor. (If you check any of the UI or widget scripts, you'll see lots of these.) Before it was just Image(texturepath), now it's Image(atlaspath, subtexturepath). So anywhere you're specifying a texture for a UI element, you need to get not just the image name to it but also the atlas. For example, if you wanted to get the "wilson" character portrait, you'd want the final call to look like this:Image("data/images/selectscreen_portraits.xml", "wilson.tex")You can look in the atlas .xml file to see what texture names it contains.If this is for a UI element that you are making or modding directly, it should be fairly straight forward: just make sure you're supplying it with both those paths.If you're trying to get different images into an existing screen or UI element, that could be a little trickier.. that's mostly what I've been doing this last few days, is adding ways for modders to specify both the image and atlas for various UI elements (like we just did with the container widget in my last post.)As far as LOADING them: You are correct, you just have to do Asset() for both the atlas .xml file and the atlas .tex file. The subimages (i.e. wilson.tex) are contained within those two files implicitly.Does that make sense?

    Yep, makes perfect sense. Thanks for the explanation. :encouragement:

  15. Many thanks [MENTION=55]Ipsquiggle[/MENTION]. Yeah, I know the one error is because I've just dropped a tehMug image in there for a place holder.Also, how do we now reference a .tex file that is inside selectscreen_portraits.tex? I've got a stack of portraits I use to reference individually, but I'm at a loss as to what to do now that they're all in this one file...I'll try this out tonight if I get the Character screen to load in Test Tools:Asset("IMAGE", "data/images/selectscreen_portraits.tex"),Asset("ATLAS", "data/images/selectscreen_portraits.xml"),

  16. Could you post one of the mods that's not working? I remember I ran into something like this before but I can't recall anymore what the steps I took were. (And I don't remember if was related to the textures themselves, or loading, or etc. so the whole mod would be most useful.) Thanks.. :)

    This works completely, but the background chest image no longer loads, and I've got this problem in a few other mods.If these images have to be the 'power of 2' thing, it won't work because the various bags and such don't conform to those limited size choices.

  17. [MENTION=55]Ipsquiggle[/MENTION], several of my mods now error out with "not a valid Klei texture", even though they were fine before the preview. I've made several new backgrounds for several mods including Test Tools that now will not load. If you knew how much trouble I went through to get these all working the first time, you'd send me a cake. :nightmare:

    What needs to be done?