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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I'll put Backpack mod on my list should the original author not get to it.
  2. Whew, I got Test Tools working again. Character Select screen is dicked up again though. Is the Character Select screen working? Console command gives me the same non-functioning screen.
  3. Thanks [MENTION=55]Ipsquiggle[/MENTION]. I'll start diggin'...
  4. Here's two requests for someone to upload a .zip file with the sample mods please!
  5. I'd like to corral Mod fix discussion here so we can all help each other get our mods working. Here's a quick list that I found last night: InfiniteTools: Crash on start Test Tools: Crash on "LoadPrefabDefs" RPG HUD: Crash on "LoadPrefabDefs" ModLib loads, but doesn't do anything MaxwellsChest: Crash on "LoadPrefabDefs" Recipe Book: Crash on "LoadPrefabDefs" Wall Gate: Crash on "LoadPrefabDefs" Most of this seems fixable with the new 'table' we're supposed to start using in the modmain.lua. Let's the Mod fix discussion commence...
  6. Yes and yes. There's a bit of tweaking the the upcoming Cave release, but it works otherwise..
  7. I'm getting a un-fixable crash with the game now (see image). I've Verified files, deleted local files, re installed the game completely and have NO mods running. Game crashes every time I drop down into a cave in a newly generated world. Not much I can do at this point but wait for the next update.Slight update: Opting out of beta and opting back in (with files being downloaded again) has fixed the install...
  8. Going for more of a 'Bronson' vibe. (great movie by the way)
  9. I never use bait. Just hover the trap over the hole and move up until it says it's placeable. I get rabbits 100% of the time this way. Also, you need live rabbits when you go insane for various needed items.
  10. I was testing a mod update and stood there shooting birds with blow darts and the man showed up like 3 times. No sack of course.
  11. I use a screen capture program (Greenshot) that let's me draw circles/squares/arrows and text, so I capture the map and draw on it myself. Save it to the desktop. Not the best solution, but the best we got.
  12. INB4"no doors, no roofs, no windows, what do you think this is, Minecraft?"Personally, I'd actually welcome some late game structure building. Give you something to do later on when you've perfected how to 'survive'.I could see building a wooden shack (for starters) out of planks that would collapse under a hound attack or catch fire. Then on to stronger structures.
  13. Very impressive @RazvanM ! Keep us posed.
  14. The only time I did achievements in Minecraft was when I ran out of everything else to do. (not that I disagree with the OP) A type of 'leader board' would be way cool for things like ' Number of spider queens killed with an axe' and 'number of killer bees spawned'.
  15. Correct. On top of that I've installed the 'stand alone' version both on my home PC and my portable hard drive using the one Steam key. Very nice. I prefer not to have some other process running (I'm looking at you Steam) just to play a game and DS updates automatically anywho.
  16. I use Greenshot which lets you draw a box around what you want to capture, add arrows, text, etc. and then save to your PC. You can then upload your image to PhotoBucket, this site, etc. You can also use it to copy your image to PhotoShop, Paint, etc for further enhancements.
  17. Very interesting indeed. Worked here. Instantly took the excitement out of exploring my world though.I think, cooler, would been entity reveal instead. Don't show you the land at all, but just show you where the points of interest are. Let the player figure out how to get there.
  18. It's been my experience that this isn't so easy when spiders always come in packs with half of them jumping at you. I bring these things up because I think the average player isn't going to have the cake walk you think he might.
  19. I don't know about this 'stun lock', but almost every one of my many deaths have come from trying to kill something.
  20. You're right, but I was ill prepared for winter this time. Had no food store and no warm clothes, so I was kind of stuck. (it was like "oh, crap, here comes winter!) I also lucked into a land with virtually no spiders and no beefalos, so even with a hot rock in my pocket, I couldn't go far enough to find any food. (crappy map, really, but I stuck with it)
  21. Speaking of the latest OP craze around here, I survived an entire winter just standing next to my cozy campfire boomerang-ing birds one after the other. Had more meat than I could eat.FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SOMEONE PLEASE FIX THIS ABOMINATION!
  22. I gave away one steam and one Chrome key. (I use the others)
  23. Here's mine at the moment. Don't know what the hell that big white mob is...